OneClass Offers High School & College Tutoring Options and Resources for Families

As schools and universities moved to finish the Spring academic semesters online throughout the world during the COVID-19 pandemic--it brought many parents into the roles of teaching assistants and tutors! While I was confident in my abilities to help the girls during elementary school and junior high--offering assistance for some of their high school and college courses is a bit above my pay grade! I am ready for random sciences and language arts questions--but, Calculus, college-level Spanish and Economics require a bit of review on my part before I can offer advice. I recently discovered OneClass--a website that provides a ton of educational resources for high school and college students (and their parents)! What tutoring and educational support does OneClass offer families of high school and university students? 

OneClass Offers Class Notes, Study Guides, and MUCH more to families. Through partnerships with top students at several colleges and universities--the OneClass website offers hundreds of thousands of notes, study guides, exam prep materials, and even solutions to an assortment of problem examples from many common (and not so common) classes. Students are also able to search the site for their specific university and course number. While my daughter wasn't able to find her particular professor for one of her Ohio State courses--she was able to access chapter question solutions from her Microeconomics textbook and course study guide examples from previous semesters. I wish she had found these resources earlier in the semester!

OneClass Offers Tutors--and LiveStream Sessions. In all honesty, sometimes high school and college students need a little one-on-one help--and they could benefit from a trained tutor. OneClass offers students the opportunity to schedule a tutoring session with a dedicated tutor--and try for free before booking paid sessions. Additionally--the site offers free live stream sessions in math and science topics. My junior high daughter takes high school math, and the free live stream classes with Janine the Tutor have been great as she reviews and works on material from throughout the semester. 

Would I recommend OneClass for families educating high school and college students? This site has a ton of resources available--with resources ranging from free to reasonable pricing for course notes and documents. Users can work through notes and solutions or request one-on-one help through the Homework help question prompts or via tutors. The free live stream classes are great for both review and clarifying questions on math and science classes! If you have a great college student--they may even be able to become paid note-takers through the site too!  

Many families have become homeschooling families for the first time--and many students have become 100%, online learners. OneClass is one more great resource for families to use to keep the kids on the right learning path during challenging times!

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