How to be a Stay at Home Mom

Have you kids and left your career to become a stay at home mom? The decision is vital for you, your partner, and kids. When you decide to be a stay at home mom, you are just getting into a new world and unknown area. Yes, you have put all your dreams, your prospects, and ambitions behind to adopt a new role. Now you are seeking other’s perspectives. You have to survive with your family. It is not a matter of survival. You will thrive as a stay at home mom, and you should have specific qualities that include a positive outlook, energy, and capability to work according to preference. Moreover, you have to manage the schedules properly. In this article, the founder of NW Maids (a housecleaning service in Seattle) shares some things you should do as a stay at home mom.

Proper and timely planning

It would help if you made your working schedule at night. It is not a good idea to get up in the morning and think about the priorities. It is time to prepare breakfast for kids. You have to do different things in the early morning. Cleanliness, changing diapers, and a lot of other things! It would help if you planned about it a night before.

Take a Walkout

It would help if you got out of your house and fresh yourself. If you stay at home all along the day, you may get sick. It would be best if you did not make a mess. Just leave home for a while and see fresh faces, plants, and everything. You should go to the market and buy necessities.

Recognize the power

You have made a choice, and it has some reasons. You decided for yourself and your loved ones that you are taking a new role. You should know what your expectations are. You will go through the ins and outs and have some ups and downs. If you are capable of reframing your outlook, you may overcome the harsh realities. You now have power and control. You are now the boss of your home.

Identify a task you may delegate

Being a stay at home, mom does not mean you have to do every household chore. You may do some jobs on your own and may delegate some responsibilities. You may spend a lot of time on an essential task. You may take care of your baby. You may hire services for other jobs; you may hire a house cleaning service to clean your home. You may ask the delivery service to deliver items at your home. There are some tasks you may delegate, like housekeeping, cleaning, and laundry.

Be a part of a supportive community

You are not isolated at home. You are raising children--but you are not alone in this role. There are stay at home mom groups online or in your area that you may join to share your experiences and problems. You will surely get a solution. In this way, you may have a positive mindset, and you may thrive instead of merely surviving.

Author: Ilya Ornatov

Founder, NW Maids

10002 Aurora Ave N Suite 36-192

Seattle, WA 98133

(206) 508-5850

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