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Today, I have a memoir geared toward understanding and breaking from toxic relationships. Check out my thoughts on nonfiction book, Signs in the Rearview Mirror, learn about author Kelly Smith & enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title: Signs in the Rearview Mirror: Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind by Kelly Smith
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 214 pages
Genre:  Self-Help, Memoir
Publisher:  Sunny Day Publishing
Release date:  April 2018
Content Rating: PG + M. This non-fiction self-help book has very mild if any swearing. However, it does deal with the topic of abusive relationships, which some may consider inappropriate for younger reading audiences.

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About the Book

Signs in the Rearview Mirror Offers The Author's Honest, Emotional Story. While this isn't necessarily a self-help book--readers of the author's experiences stand to gain a lot from her story. She shares a very open, honest look at a challenging experience for both herself and her family. From learning to identify the toxic relationship to the efforts she took to move through and past them, readers will find hope and inspiration in her story--and the possibility of similarities to relationships in the reader's life too!

The Author's Story is an Important One to Hear. I have experienced toxic relationships--and I refused to recognize toxicity from time to time in my own life. The author shares a story that exposes the painful ups and downs of these relationships and offers the readers a light at the end of the tunnel should they opt to break ties with the abuser. The author pulls readers in with her relaxed, smoothly flowing text. Readers will be pulling for her through every step of her story. It is a remarkable story to read--one that took courage to both live and share. 

Would I Recommend Signs in the Rearview Mirror by Kelly Smith?  I love memoirs--but this one is the best I've read this year because the author is sharing her story to inspire and teach others. While she isn't offering self-help advice--she shows that toxic relationships do happen but aren't the only way of life. I am already sharing the book with a few young adults in my life who need a wake up call in terms of abusive relationships and happiness. If you enjoy emotional memoirs that share deeper, maybe darker aspects of human nature and real-life--this book needs to be on your reading list this summer.

My Review

What kind of person ends up in a toxic relationship? And why stay? This searingly honest memoir answers both of those questions head-on. Coming-out of failing marriage, Kelly turns to Gabe out of fear of being alone. Her gradual slide into danger is at once terrifying and inevitable.

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Meet the Author

Boston born and raised, Kelly now makes her home in Austin,TX with her three sons and one amazing Giant Schnauzer, Bullseye. Kelly has written for Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and hosts a podcast, Let's Get Wicked Deep.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book with your followers. Hopefully it will give hope to those who need it.



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