How to Prepare for a Family Watching Netflix on Mac

Have you ever thought about the way Netflix changed our lives? We can choose safe shows for our kids to watch on demand. Movie nights are cooler when you can watch anything you want, depending on the mood. We’re no longer stuck with the remote, checking one channel after another. 

But if you want to watch Netflix on a Mac, you might encounter some issues. There’s no Netflix app for your Mac. You’ll have to access the website or stream via Airplay. Don’t worry; it’s not impossible. You’ll just need to go through some preparation. A flawless family Netflix event is easy to organize.

Tips: Prepare for a Family Netflix Event on a Mac

  1. Make Sure There Are No Issues with Your Computer

Before you start the Netflix event, you want to make sure that your Mac can handle it. Do a test. You may notice some issues, such as the MacBook screen flickering. In that case, take these steps to solve the problem:
  • Make sure the Internet connection works well. Netflix requires a strong and stable connection for successful streaming.
  • Restart the computer. Then, try streaming the video again. If you were trying to watch a downloaded video, you might need to delete it and download it again.
  • Clear the cookies, so you’ll refresh the data on the website. That might help you stream faster.
  1. Download Movies to Watch Them Offline

Will this event take place in a remote cabin? Maybe you plan to watch a few family movies while camping. Netflix offers a download option, which you can access through the app.

Netflix doesn’t make the download feature available on the entire content, but many shows and movies have it. You’ll need a stable Wi-Fi connection during the download process, so make sure to do it beforehand.

The only problem is that you can’t have a Netflix app on your Mac, and the website doesn’t let you download anything. You’ll have to do this through an iPhone, iPad, or other device that has the Netflix app. Once you do that, you’ll use Airplay to stream the content on your computer.

But wait; Airplay requires a Wi-Fi connection, and you want to watch the content offline. It looks like you’ll need another solution. It’s the screen record function on your computer. You can use a screen-recording app to capture and save the streaming for offline watching.


  1. Invite Friends through the Netflix Party Feature

If you have access to Wi-Fi, you can invite some friends to watch movies together. Don’t worry; you’ll be practicing physical distancing during the process. Still, your family will feel connected with close friends.

Install the Netflix Party extension on Chrome. This is a feature that lets multiple users stream the same content while being apart. Your friends will need the extension, too. The streaming will be synchronized, so you’ll all be watching the film at the same time.

To turn this into a real social event, use the chat panel to talk to your friends about the movie you’re watching.


  1. Choose Movies or TV Shows, and Have Fun!    

Make sure to prepare ahead. Choosing content to stream may take a lot of time. Netflix is full of options, so it might get overwhelming. Plus, everyone will be in a different mood, so you might have a problem agreeing. Make the decision ahead! You may download the content or load it, so it will stream without any issues.

Schedule a date and timing for this family event! Prepare some snacks and drink, and get everyone together!



Binge-watching is okay as long as your family doesn’t do it every day. Don’t try to limit the time your kids spend in front of the screen during movie night. It’s an event that’s supposed to be fun and bonding, so let it last! That’s the good thing about Netflix: if you feel like you could watch more movies or TV shows after completing one, the library gives you countless options.      


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