Family Travel Find: Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern Review

We frequently find ourselves on hiking adventures or running away for a random weekend to a cabin in the woods.  Living in the suburbs of a city means it is rarely, truly dark outside.  Over the past few months, we have found ourselves spending time away from the city--and it is an extra dark kind of dark out there once the sun goes down!  A few weekends ago, we spent a weekend in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio.  We had an awesome cabin with great views--and a really cool firepit location:  up a little cliff enclosed by rock ledges.  It was beautiful--and warm against the January cold--but, it was dark!  We found ourselves using cell phone flash lights to maneuver about as I had left the flash light behind.  I vowed that I would find a lightweight, portable, durable, hands-free light for our camping and hiking outings.  I discovered Vont products--and after some research found a small, 2-pack of LED camping lanterns that I wanted to try. 


2 Vont LED Camping Lanterns on a Table

What did I think of these Vont LED Camping Lanterns?


What did I Like About the Vont LED Camping Lanterns?


The Vont LED Camping Lanterns are the Perfect Size to Pack Along on a Trip.  These lanterns are small, lightweight--and perfect to set on a flat space or carry by hand or hang from a tree branch!  They open simply by pulling up on the tops of the lanterns.  You can actually adjust for more or less light depending on how far you open it.  Tuck easily and securely into a backpack--and you don't have to worry about accidently turning it on (or forgetting to turn it off) like you do with a regular flashlight.  


The Vont LED Camping Lanterns are Standing Up to Outdoor Use.  While I can certainly see us using these lanterns during power outages or even to light the back deck or the basement or garage when a light bulb blows out--we also need something tough enough to stand up outdoor trips.  So far these lanterns have been bounced around, dropped and knocked off a tree stump and partway down a hill.  They seem to be pretty durable and mighty for their size!


Vont Camping Lantern turned on in a dark space

I Was Drawn to the Vont LED Camping Lanterns by the Price!  We travel a lot--and we lose things, we leave things, with three kids--we break things.  These lanterns included batteries and came with a price tag less than $20 for the two pack--and the come with a lifetime warranty against defects, loss and even theft!  The lanterns are proving to be a great value for the price!


The Vont LED Lanterns are Small--but BRIGHT.    We were surprised by how much light the lanterns give off!  I love the 360° light!  No more flashlight aiming and holding.  It was great to use this light outdoors.  I hung them on either edge of our firepit space and it lit things very well for us to move about.  


Carrying a Vont LED Camping Lantern

Anything I disliked about the Vont LED Camping Lanterns?  Actually--no!  I love that you just pull them up or push them down to power them on and off, I am impressed by the durability, the amount of light emitted and the price and warranty.   

Would I Recommend the Vont LED Camping Lanterns?  I would definitely recommend these lanterns.  I plan to buy the four pack to place in various spaces of our home for emergencies--and I will certainly be packing a couple for our next hiking/camping adventure.  We have used ours for serveral hours without issue--and, as I said, they are proving that they can withstand a little rough handling.  If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use camping or emergency lantern--give these a try.  The Vont LED Camping Lanterns seem to be a great value for the money so far!


These lanterns are available on Amazon or or by visiting the Vont website

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