Five Secret Tips to Designing a Bedroom

Are you fed up with your current bedroom, and you're looking for guidance on how to redesign it? Lucky for you, we got your back.


It's a well-known fact that humans spend around one-third of their lives sleeping. Having an adequate bedroom that promotes sleep quality is important for our well-being, and that's why it's definitely worth upgrading the quality of the bedroom.

An ideal bedroom should be balanced between style and practicality. This is sometimes complicated to achieve, especially if the bedroom size is limited. But that doesn't mean it's unmanageable, and it doesn't take much to have the bedroom of your dreams (pun intended).

Today, we won't talk about the most common tips that can be found online. Instead, we're presenting you with the five secret tips to designing a bedroom endorsed by interior designers.

Bedroom color scheme

When it comes to the bedroom, a color scheme needs to have a soothing, relaxing, and calming effect. Start with painting your walls & ceiling to a color that meets these standards, then follow up by adding items like pillows, covers, flooring, and accessories.

Since everyone's color choice is different, consider multiple colors and patterns, then pick something ideal for you. But take into account that some colors don't blend well, so choose sensibly.

Bed selection

A bed is a prime focus in every bedroom, for a good reason.

Choosing the right bed can be quite complex, considering that there are numberless models for everyone's needs. A good bed should have a high-grade base and mattress, to promote a good quality of sleep and rest.

A selection of beds is a long-term investment, and if you are looking for something extraordinary, have a look at the most cutting-edge adjustable bed selection on Amazon. Recognized for their comfort, health benefits, and state-of-the-art tech stuff like USB ports, wireless remote, and massage, they are no longer reserved only for people with potential health issues, but for everyone who seeks comfort and more than that.

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Room Space

One of the most manageable approaches to making your bedroom a comfortable and relaxing place is to keep it simple. The last thing you'll want is to plummet over a piece of furniture in the dark.

Rather than encumbering a bedroom with way too many pieces of furniture or decor, employ only items that you'll have a use for and create a furniture arrangement to maximize your space.

Additionally, you can use the multi-purpose furniture with storage compartments, to keep your bedroom tidy and neat without making compromises.

Spread your lighting 

A common mistake of many people when it comes to lighting is to focus it on one spot and leave many areas in darkness. This can be avoided by simply including multiple different light sources that can be adjusted by dimmer.

There is no need for the costly chandelier, you can rather go for the floor lamps, overhead lights, bedside lamps, and sconces.

On top of this, don't forget to include the natural light and let the sun rays into your bedroom too!

Include a nook

If there is sufficient space, perhaps incorporate a nook where you can get comfy, read, or simply have some private time.

  • Decent nook options include:
  • Window seats
  • Loft
  • Comfy chair
  • Low seating furniture
If your current bedroom space doesn't allow you, you can remodel your closet by adding a bench, throwing some pillows on top of it, and just like that, you can have a private nook where you can get cozy and intimate.

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