4 Green Living Tips for Families

Enjoying a green lifestyle is a goal set by lots of families. While it’s definitely trendy to be eco-friendly, the need for being green goes far beyond following the trends. Our Earth is calling for our grace and we need to help her. Being green as a family unit is a great way to have a positive impact. While you’re being more eco-friendly, you’re also teaching new generations green habits which they’ll hopefully carry with them throughout adulthood. Living sustainably as a family may seem hard in the beginning, but with our tips, it will be a child’s play.

  1. Be inclusive of all

If your main objective is living a sustainable family life it is very important to not leave anyone out. When the whole family is included, the impact your actions have are much greater than individual ones. It is also important to teach your kids about sustainable living and the motivations behind such radical changes. Another idea is to make a little network with your family friends and neighbors and try to get them on board with eco-lifestyle. Your community can hold each other accountable, share ideas, and also stay motivated for further actions.
  1. Three Rs should be your mantra

Reduce. Repair. Recycle. The three Rs are the tenets of sustainable living which are very easy to understand and implement. Let’s start with the first R- Reduce. It’s pretty straightforward - stop buying unnecessarily and buy smart in order to reduce the waste you produce as a family. For example, instead of buying $10 fast fashion swimwear every single summer season, invest in some quality long-lasting sustainable swimwear. In the long run, it will save you money, while also reducing your waste by a lot. Repair is the second R. It urges you to repair the items you already own so you could keep them from the landfills longer. Recycle is the last, and probably most famous R. Separate your waste and take it to local recycling plants. If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to separate your waste, you can turn it into an activity for the whole family.
  1. Save energy and water

Many people forget that green living does not only consist of buying eco-friendly products and recycling. One of the key aspects of sustainable living is preserving all of our resources and that includes our energy and water supplies too. For example, teach your youngsters to turn off the lights the moment they exit the room. You may need to relearn this as well, it’s a tough habit to break! Once your lightbulbs break switch them out with LED bulbs which are known to use up less energy. When it comes to saving water if you have very young kids, have them take baths together. Also, learn to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. We tend to be very mindless about little things like these, but they can truly add up and negatively affect the environment. There’s also one additional benefit to being mindful about water and energy consumption - your bills will definitely be significantly lower the following month!
  1. Purchase reusable travel mugs and water bottles

If you don’t have them already, getting these items is a great first step towards eco-living. Disregarding water bottles and coffee cups is something a lot of people do every day which results in a big chunk of waste that is entirely and easily avoidable! Take your kids shopping with you and let them choose the bottles they’ll carry to school every day. If you get your coffee on the go having a cute travel mug is a must. It’s also good to know that some coffee places will give you a discount if you come with your own mug!

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