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Our family enjoys spending time in the kitchen together and we are the first to admit that there are many skills, life lessons and memories developed while preparing meals together.  As many experienced long periods of "family time" during the months of pandemic lock downs--there were plenty of opportunities to try new (or more frequent) family activities and reflect on life as a whole. Today, I have a book to share with readers that combines a blend of family life, struggles, lessons learned, personal reflections and more as the author offers memories of her family's pandemic kitchen adventures.  Read my thoughts on Measure, Mix & Marinate, learn about author Cheryl Schuberth & enter for  a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of the post.


Book Title:  Measure, Mix & Marinate: Embracing the Key Ingredients to a More Fulfilling Life by Cheryl Schuberth
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction 18+, 174 pages
GenrePersonal Growth, Memoir
Publisher:  Key Ingredients
Release Date: August 2021
Content Rating:  G - Good for all audiences

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About the Book

As a wife, mom and former corporate go-getter, Cheryl knows firsthand the frustration of trying to do it all and feeling that none of it is good enough. As the world slowed down for a global pandemic, Cheryl inspected her own life and who she wanted to become—who she needed to become—to serve at her highest level. Much of this discovery occurred in the kitchen during playful evenings side-by-side with her sons, husband, and mother. Their time together led Cheryl to realize that how you measure your priorities, mix them in with your life experiences, and marinate on and adjust to the results determines the direction of your life.


My Review


Author Offers Insights and Memoir Like Stories of Valuable Life Lessons Learned. The pandemic lockdowns--and even the pandemic in general--offered many of us an abrupt shift in our lives and rapid creations of "new normals." In Measure, Mix & Marinate, the author offers stories from her family's experiences during the pandemic. These stories and insightful memories from her life pre-pandemic allowed her to evaluate, make some changes, keep some things intact and move her life forward. With a very down-to-earth writing style and memoir-like storytelling--it is simple for readers to relate the author's pages.


Kitchen Adventures, Food, Recipes--and Life. Readers will learn a lot about life, along with the author, in this book. While it doesn't always seem that a recipe, ingredient, or weekly food theme relates directly to the life topic or inspirational tidbit that the author discusses, life skills and personal reflections were always gained during the weekly cooking sessions. A few recipes and dinners didn't turn out as planned, and some turned out better than expected. It was interesting to read the author's takeaways from each kitchen adventure.


Would I Recommend Measure, Mix & Marinate by Cheryl Schuberth?  This book is undoubtedly one for readers seeking a relatable, insightful journey through re-evaluating life's essential ingredients and priorities. The author certainly offers a lot for readers to consider with light, easy-to-read pages and a blend of real-life and motivational points to ponder. I would recommend it to fans of memoirs and motivational self-help books alike.



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Meet the Author

Cheryl Schuberth is a graduate of the University of California San Diego and a respected corporate leader.

As a wife, mom, and former corporate go-getter, Cheryl knows firsthand the frustration of trying to do it all and feeling that none of it is good enough. After twenty-five years leading and coaching teams in the male-dominated technology space, she stepped away from that world and embarked on a mission to enhance her relationships with her teenage sons and, at the same time, empower other working women to become more curious about their options and reevaluate their priorities.

She now coaches women to help them feel their best, increase their confidence, and put themselves at the top of the list. Cheryl lives outside Boulder, CO, where she enjoys hiking, skiing, and all things outdoors.

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