Smart Ways to Make Your Home Pet-friendly

Pets are an essential part of life. Anybody who is a pet parent will agree to that. Many pet owners treat their pets as their own children.After all, they deserve a better chance at life, don't they? As a pet parent, you might be given adequate love and care to your furry friend. You probably be putting in more effort to nurture them. But have you ever thought about them when it comes to home, a setting where they spend the majority of their time?


You might check for pet permits; that's pretty much it. However, you must also put thought into making your home pet-friendly. Yes, just like for babies, you baby-proof your home. Pets are also at the risk of getting hurt. Home is where they should be safe and not prone to injuries. Hence, you must create a safe home setting to jump, laugh, roll, and live freely.


Choose Indoor Plants Carefully

Since you love animals, there are high chances of you loving plants. Certain plants have poisonous crystals and gum. Some lily plants are toxic. The peace lily is one of them. The pet might start vomiting or have seizures as well. The petals and leaves damage the kidney of the animals.


Other plants that can cause harm are aloe vera, ivy, and dieffenbachia. Dieffenbachia can cause a burning sensation in the mouth and tongue. It has been known to cause death, too.Therefore, you need to keep these plants away from your pets.


You can add some greenery to your house, but cautiously. African violets, some ferns, basil, sage, and calatheaare just good for your home. They do not emit any poisonous substances or pollen. Your pets and these plants can co-habit. You can even go for a moss wall installation. They aren't just a beautiful home addition but also drastically improve the air quality inside the house. They purify the air by removing airborne dust, which means your pet would be free of any possible allergies.


Check the Flooring

The flooring is essential for a house that has pets. Cement, mosaic, and hardwood are the preferred flooring. You should stay away from slippery finishes on plywood tiles and panels. A rugged texture might be more conducive. Pets love to run around a lot. They might slip and hurt themselves on slippery textures.


Some people try to throw in a few colorful rugs for comfort and decor. However, that is another strict No-No. The carpets and rugs can be the breeding arena for hair, fleas, and bacteria. So it will likely harm your pets and you as well.


Pay Attention to General Things

Many pet owners complain that their sofas, beds, and upholstery are covered with hairs. Moreover, pets occasionally dirty the linens and fabrics by urinating on them. Therefore, it is imperative to train your pet from day one of arrival. Potty training and toilet training are the most important. Create separate bedding for your pet, with his bowl of water and food. This should send the message that you are off-limiting the territory.


Most pets cannot differentiate glass walls from open spaces. Thus, stick a decal or some sticker on the glass wall. Otherwise, they might end up hurting themselves badly. Using caps on sharp-edged furniture also helps to prevent scratches. Get those made from rubber and stick-on material. Sometimes, your pet might climb onto the furniture. You can also go for scratch-free coatings on leather and fabric coverings and accents.


Most importantly, you should place all the glass exhibits and accents on higher shelves. Otherwise, you might find it ground into pieces. Also, your pet might bleed to death because of broken glasses. You should also make sure to keep trash cans hidden from view. They often contain rotting food and rubbish.


If your pet curiously peeks into it and ends up eating rubbish, it can be detrimental to its health. Thus, it is best to avoid it. You should also do everything in your power to keep all the dangers such as cleaning agents, smallobjects like rubber bands, foods that are harmful to pets, sharp objects such as razors and knives, open electrical wiring, and many more things away from your pet.


Having a pet means sharing a mutually beneficial relationship of companionship and love. Out of love, make your home a haven for your four-legged kid. Keep it clean and dust-free to put away the dander, fleas, and hair. A clean home is a happy home.

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