8 Earth Day Activities for Families

Earth Day is April 22 and there are tons of ways for families to participate in some environmentally friendly activities to celebrate this holiday this year.  In my past life before kids, I worked in environmental science and engineering consulting.  My daughters have always been enrolled in STEM based schools and programs.  Appreciating and protecting the environment have always been important in our family and an assortment of Earth Day activities have always made the calendar!  If you are looking to celebrate Earth Day this year--or seeking to become a little more eco-conscious as a family--here are some family friendly activities to do for Earth Day (or any day really!)

Join the Great Global Cleanup.  The Great Global Cleanup® is an international campaign to remove billions of pieces of trash from our world's beaches, parks, waterways and neighborhoods.  Litter, waste and plastic pollution damage habitats and present harm to both humans and wildlife.  Whether you find a large cleanup even near you or create one on your own--committing to clean up a local park or stream is a great way for families to participate in an Earth Day activity today. Download The Great Global Cleanup Toolkit for a guide to setting up your own official cleanup event
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Host an Earth Day Party.  Hosting a party is a fun way to connect several families in celebration of Earth Day.  Reserve a spot at a local park or public space in need of a little cleanup or TLC. Invite guests to enjoy some party snacks made from local, organic grow ingredients, plan a recyclable craft, finish with a clean up activity of the park.  

Organize a Fundraiser for the Canopy Project.   The Canopy Project plants trees across the globe to strengthen communities. Since 2010, EARTHDAY.ORG™ has planted tens of millions of trees with The Canopy Project.  Raising some money to donate to the Canopy Project is a fun way for families to work together toward a cause.

Plant a Pollinator Garden.  Attracting bees and butterflies to your landscape by adding a pollinator garden is a fun, environmentally friendly way to get the whole family involved in Earth Day!  You don't need a ton of space to begin your pollinator garden--you can even designate a small sunny area for a container garden if you don't have a lot of space.  Research native plants that grow well in your area, visit your local plant nursery and start planting.

Take On Fast Fashion.   We always think of big industries like transportation and auto manufacturing as being rough on the environment.  While that is true--the fashion industry is a huge entity that creates a lot of environmental havoc.  Sit down as a family and learn about some of the risks of fashion manufacturing and waste--and pick some ways to reduce your fashion/shopping impact on the environment.  

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Make it a Family Documentary Night.  I think this idea is especially good for families with older tweens or teens.  I would always recommend pre-watching the film before screening it for family as many documentaries do not sugarcoat harsh realities.  Some are more grim than others!  Here is a list of some environmentally themed documentaries to consider.  

Calculate your Family's Environmental Footprint.  Calculating your family's carbon footprint or environmental footprint can be quite eye opening.  As you analyze your lifestyle and activities--it is the perfect time to brainstorm some environmentally friendly changes that your family could implement.  

Learn About Local Food Growers and Resources.  As you learn more about the benefits of eating locally grown foods--you may want to check out local farmer's markets or join a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group with a local farm.  Spending time selecting and preparing fresh produce is an excellent way to get even your picky eaters to enjoy healthier meal options!  

This list holds just a few of the many, many, many ways that your family can become more involved in environmental conservation in celebration of Earth Day.  Whether you tackle just a small project or take on a full green living lifestyle--your efforts will be fun, educational and worthwhile.

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