Humanity's Cry for Change Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

Today, I have a motivational / inspirational novel in our book review spot!  Check out Humanity's Cry for Change, learn about author Kate Heartsong--and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Humanity's Cry for Change: Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth by Kate Heartsong
Category: Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 216 pages
Genre:  Inspirational/Motivational
Publisher:  Joyful Radiance, LLC
Release date:  July 2020
Content Rating:  G Your description of the rating "G" describes well this book. No bad language, religious expletives, sex scenes, drug use or underage drinking; also no violence (other than reference that there is a lot of violence happening on the planet).

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About the Book
Many people worldwide are anxious and in pain. They want relief! With chaos in both our individual lives and across the globe, humanity is hungry to learn about why there's all this upheaval and what we can do to positively change ourselves and humanity.

Humanity's Cry for Change has the answers to these, and other important questions that people are yearning to explore and resolve.

Also discover:
  • the science that proves we are all interconnected, and why we must now live with Oneness consciousness to create a new earth and to survive.

  • Valuable exercises that will help us awaken from our dream of separation, walk our authentic life, experience personal healing, raise our vibration, and more.

  • Ways for businesses to create sustainable, collaborative and wholistic systems for the well-being of all.

  • How to create a new earth, one that offers kindness, respect, collaboration, love and peace.

Have hope and lighten your heart as you step onto this journey of positive change and healing; realize that as you do this, everyone benefits and that together we can create the new earth!
My Review
The author offers an interesting and insightful look at our world.  It took some time for me to settle into the book.  The author spent much time making her case for change--and the cause and effect relationships our actions and activities have on others and the world as a whole.  It seemed a bit redundant early on--but, once the author explained her views on the chaos that has overtaken the world and the relationships and connections that both hurt (and remedy) the situations--the book began to take shape and the self-help aspect naturally emerged.  Heartsong offered an interesting view of chaos--and insightful notes to provoke thought and self-reflection in her readers.  
Many of Us Seek Change.  The past year gave many of us time to reflect on our lives--leading many to realize that the paths taken were not fulfilling.   While we often know that a change is needed, we are often uncertain that any true change can be realized.    As the author explains our personal relationship to the world--the idea of small, personal changes becomes empowering toward larger changes and "fixes".  Through examples and suggestions for exercises and actions--the author gives readers not only an understanding of the problem faced--but, realistic, actionable changes the reader could make in his or her life. 
Would I Recommend Humanity's Cry for Change? For those seeking thought-provoking, motivational activities and ideas to move toward more mindful, positive living--this book is certainly worth the read.  Be a little patient as the author develops her ideas--the actions and exercises are helpful and insightful.  It is a great starting point for those feeling stuck and weighed down by the happenings of the world!

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Meet the Author

For over 20 years, Kate Heartsong, author, Reiki Master/Teacher, entrepreneur, speaker and coach, has been receiving profound insights while meditating. She is passionate about supporting her clients, audiences and readers with these insights, along with the wisdom from her vast life experiences and education. She does this through empowered coaching, workshop facilitation, writing articles, coauthoring, speaking, and through her two books, Humanity’s Cry for Change and Deeply We Are One.

Kate has also been teaching self-confidence, meditation and Reiki workshops for over 15 years, with many successful client results.

​In addition to this, Kate is one of 91 coaches worldwide, who are on the new Google Play Store app called Ingomu, empowering her learners with her topic called Positively Change Yourself and Humanity.

Connect with the Author: website ~ Twitter ~ Linkedin ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ goodreads 

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Understanding the Implications of Online Therapy

For a significant amount of time, people believed that mental disorders were related to a supernatural occurrence. Spirits and demons were included in the discussion of abnormal behavior. And methods such as trephination were used to treat them. We have come a long way since then.


Today, mental disorders are widely studied. Scientists now attribute these mental disorders to physiological and social factors that can be easily observed and measured. And many forms of treatments are now used to alleviate the experience of those who suffer from these disorders.


Of course, many people obtain a BA in Psychology degree in an attempt to contribute to the cause. The state of mental health in this modern world is not perfect. But it is on the right path towards recognition.


People now go to psychotherapy sessions to treat mental issues. These various treatments are now seen as a necessity when going through difficult, mentally strenuous situations. Going to psychotherapy sessions is received with mixed emotions from the public, but many people find it beneficial for their mental health.

The Power of Conversation


Much of these therapy sessions may seem like normal conversations between two people. But it can touch difficult and uncomfortable subjects. Clients and therapists need to go through these hard conversations to attain progress. Therapists also try to uphold comfort, consent, and confidentiality when dealing with clients.

Online Therapy: A Change of Landscape?


The rise of technology has made great changes in the way we live. Modern technology has progressed to a point where people do not need to be physically present to communicate with one another. Psychotherapy has benefited from these advancements. Because of its conversational nature, some practitioners now offer therapy sessions over the internet.


It has been exceptionally displayed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. People are doing everything inside their homes. This includes therapy sessions.


Of course, it's not the same as on-site therapy sessions. These differences may affect the quality of the session. Let's look into several factors that may affect one's therapy session online.

Technical Issues


Online interactions, including online therapy sessions, greatly rely on the tools and technology used for the session. This includes computers, phones, the internet, and computer programs used for communications. Of course, these tools are never perfect.


Technical issues may arise amid therapy sessions. This can be caused by several reasons, including damaged equipment, outdated applications, malfunctioning computer systems, and poor internet connection. Some of these issues can be easily addressed.


But it does affect how well a session goes. These issues may lead to delays, wrong information relays, and, sometimes, complete stoppages of sessions. Clients may not get their money's worth. And practitioners may not help their clients as well as they can.

Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns


Privacy and confidentiality concerns also affect the overall session. Practitioners are bound by their ethical standards to ensure that the information they collect remains confidential. This is to protect the privacy of clients.


This can also help clients open up and share deeper thoughts that may have caused their mental ailments. Also, practitioners should ask for consent every time they collect information and should respect the decisions made by clients. These standards can be difficult to uphold during online sessions.


That is because online sessions do not ensure the full privacy of a person. Some may not have the choice of being fully isolated from other people. Housemates, office mates, and other people may hear ongoing sessions.


This makes it hard to keep things private between the two parties involved. Apart from that, this compromised privacy can hinder clients to fully express their thoughts and emotions. This taints the information being shared and can affect how well they respond to the therapy.

Lack of Human Interaction


A major factor in these therapy sessions is the physical presence of both parties. Human interaction is powerful, especially during difficult conversations about one's life. There is very little human presence during online sessions. This can make it difficult for clients to get accustomed to the entire process.


This lack of personal interaction also affects how practitioners analyze their clients. They can miss non-verbal cues that are relevant to the session at hand. Of course, this can affect the entire direction of the whole therapy session.


This is not to discount the fact that online sessions have made therapy widely available to many people. Online therapy is far more convenient than in-person sessions. Clients can now reach their therapists faster. People who need help can get it with more ease.


But people deserve to have a glimpse of the experience before they decide to do it. Some people may find in-person sessions more productive. Others who cannot travel may prefer online sessions. At the end of the day, it is about getting the help needed to live a better, healthier life.




Our Moon Festival Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

I love finding children's books that allow us to learn about other cultures at young ages! Today, I have a fun children's book that takes a fictional look at the cultural celebrations and traditions of families during the Moon Festival in Vietnam, China and Japan.  What did I think of Our Moon Festival?  Read my thoughts, learn about author Yobe Qiu and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  Our Moon Festival by Yobe Qiu
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  30 pages
GenreChildren's Picture Book 
Publisher:  Yobe Qiu LLC
Release date:  January 2020
Content Rating:  G
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About the Book
"Our Moon Festival" is a beautifully illustrated children's book celebrating the unique ways the Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese communities celebrate the Moon Festival. The story highlights different families and their traditions as they observe Zhong Qiu Jie, Tết Trung Thu, and Tsukimi!
My Review
Our Moon Festival is a Fun, Educational Introduction to the Cultural Celebrations.   The author does a wonderful job introducing the Moon Festival in different cultures to readers.  Simple stories share the celebration through a family in each country featured.  The author touches on the highlights of foods and activities important to the festivals in each community.

The Author Creates a Wonderful Launching Point for Families.  I love books that help introduce culturally significant foods and activities that families can explore in their own homes or corners of the world.  Whether it is making mooncakes or visiting an Asian Lantern Festival in your community--the book gives enough information to grab interest and encourage families to explore and learn.

Would I Recommend Our Moon Festival by Yobe Qui? I enjoy finding and sharing books like this one with readers.  The fun illustrations and short, simply worded pages open up a small part of a new world for readers.  I would definitely recommend the book to families seeking to explore other cultures.

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Meet the Author
Yobe is an educator, entrepreneur and mom who lives in NYC. As an educator, she focused on teaching families to embrace love, diversity and different cultures. Through the years working in the classrooms and closely with other educators, she noticed the lack of multi-cultural resources that represented children of color. That is when Yobe decided to create multicultural children stories that feature Asian children, families and cultures! Yobe loves spending time with her daughter, reading to children and taking long walks during the day!

Connect with the Author:  Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram
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The Importance Of Having A Higher Credit Score

Credit scores are a vital part of your financial health. You must stay updated on yours. 


Unfortunately, many Americans are still not checking their credit scores, even when select bureaus provided free reports. Therefore, a reminder on the importance of credit scores is necessary. Refusing to gain a wider understanding of your scores can jeopardize the entire future of your household and limit all your options in life. 


Access to Opportunities

Value higher credit scores and how they can better your prospects. Let the range of opportunities motivate you. 


Conventional loans and conforming mortgages are the most popular loan choice today. Understand that they are only available to people with higher credit scores. Adopt the perspective that your credit score can determine who you live, and thus what you do for work and who you are as a person. Consult The Home Loan Expert for more insight into real estate loans. 


Research other areas that are affected by your credit scores, such as car insurance and credit limits. Anticipate reputable employers checking your credit history. Do not underestimate the level of influence your credit score has over your life. 


How To Keep Your Credit Score High

Keep working to maintain a high credit score. Evaluate all your options and change your lifestyle and outlook where appropriate. 


Review your spending and eliminate bad habits from your life permanently. Use your credit responsibly. Make sure you and fellow renters pay fees on time. Communicate with your partner and ensure they are financially responsible.   


Build your credit score with patience and determination. Understand that this process will take time. Set realistic goals, and do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure or self-scrutiny. 


Check Your Reports

Review your credit reports a minimum of once a year. Try to check your score more than that if possible, and if you are due to spend or borrow more money.  


Remember that credit report errors can be common. Anticipate dealing with fraudulent accounts that do not belong to you, as data breaches have been prevalent in recent times. Look for inconsistencies in your personal information, resurfacing expired debts and incorrectly listed account numbers and credit listings.   


Try to dispute credit errors with your credit bureau by gathering all documentation of mistakes and oversights. Prepare your formal ID and bank statements. Be patient as the results of investigations can take up to 45 days to materialize. Do not panic and be respectful to the personnel you deal with. 


Note Flexibility

Observe the different systems for monitoring your credit score. Focus your attention on the FICO and VantageScore variations. 


Recognize that FICO defines an excellent credit score as being 800 and higher. Understand that VantageScore evaluates a good credit score to be 781 and higher. Remember that lenders will engage with these board credit scoring systems differently. Research them to see what score parameters they operate within.


Refrain from getting too obsessed with achieving the highest score available. Appreciate that a willingness to improve your score, and an aptitude for shopping around different lenders, is often enough for you to make progress.



The Art of Time Book Spotlight & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have a work of poetry & adult fiction in our book spotlight.  Check out The Art of Time, learn about authors Martine Therese & Martina Franca--and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title:  The Art of Time: A Mother-Daughter Sprezzatura on the Spirit of Time by Martine Therese & Martina Franca
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+
GenreArt, Poetry
Publisher:  The Twenty-Sixth Residence, 76 pages
Release Date: July 2021

Tour dates: August 16 to September 3
Content Rating:  G.
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Should you purchase an item via our links--we may receive slight compensation from an
affiliate partner. 

About the Book

In The Art of Time: A Mother-Daughter Sprezzatura on the Spirit of Time, Martine Therese and her daughter, Martina Franca, invite you into a lush world where time has no limits. Consisting of paintings, meditations and poetry, The Art of Time merges maternal & youthful wisdom into a one-of-a-kind artistic showcase with a powerful message: humanity's experience can be enhanced by developing our minds into sensual thought.

A gorgeous book to be treasured by everyone from art connoisseurs to children, The Art of Time offers concepts and images that introduce readers to a new—and wonderful—realm of being.

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 Meet the Authors

Martine Therese was a practicing Certified Public Accountant when she became pregnant with her daughter, Martina Franca. She decided to leave her accounting job and focus on her daughter instead. The transition, while “brutal,” completely transformed Martine’s life, and opened up a whole new world of possibility.

For Martine, who has been writing poetry all her life, motherhood expanded her creativity, and she finally felt the courage to bring her work to the world. Martine and her daughter discovered a love for painting, and their artwork, combined with Martine’s poetry, form the basis of The Art of Time; A Mother-Daughter Sprezzatura on the Spirit of Time. The book is a token of their shared loves and talents.

Martine and Martina Franca are putting together a follow-up collection on the topic of what it means to be human, exploring the theme of building the potential of humanity. Martina Franca embraces her maternal side on a daily basis, be it with caring for her baby dolls or her puppy, Marcello. She gets a kick out of tailgating with Mom and watching people's reactions, and playing practical jokes like hiding Daddy's shampoo bottle, and she loves having conversations. She regularly chills out with Mom during yoga in their special "rainbow room," a room just for the two of them to recharge. On sunny days, gorgeous rainbows fill the wall of the Rainbow Room, and Martina and Mom bask in those colors—which is why Martina loves infusing her art with rainbows.

Connect with the Authors   Facebook ~Instagram
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Nobody's Mulligan Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have a faith-filled, good vs. evil novel in our book review feature. Learn about Nobody's Mulligan and author Brian Holt, read my thoughts on the book and be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.


Book Title:  Nobody's Mulligan by Brian Holt
Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 337 pages
Genre: Spiritual, Inspirational, Religion
Publisher:  Covenant Books
Release Date: March 2020

Content Rating:  G - No excessive sex, profanity or violence

Many of our posts contain affiliate links.
Should you purchase an item via our links--we may receive slight compensation from an
affiliate partner. 

About the Book

Margaret Sullivan, a troubled college student in her early twenties, becomes a modern-day Joan of Arc when she is compelled to save humanity as the pinnacle of evil comes to seize what he believes was his in NOBODY’S MULLIGAN by Brian Holt.

Orphaned at childbirth and raised by her maternal grandparents, Margaret feels the sting of loss when her grandmother dies. With no maternal figure in her life to offer her comfort and guidance, Margaret becomes a borderline traumatic social recluse and is treated as an outcast, despite participating in admirable callings, and is left with her ailing grandfather, Paddy Sullivan. What she doesn’t realize is that evil is actively afoot and identifies her as an impediment to Satan’s global apocalyptic conquest.

Craig Templeton, an unmotivated, barely graduated gamer existing in his mother’s basement, seeks employment at a PR firm, assigned to the mailroom, which he perceives as corporate leprosy and beneath him given his freshly minted college degree. Templeton’s rust-relic of a car is the perfect prompt for Satan, as he sees Templeton ogling the high-end vehicles believing that he is already deserving of such amenities.

Drawn against their will into the town square on the night of the apocalypse arranged by a series of circumstances under Templeton’s influence, the citizens of Grace’s Parrish are confronted by the accumulated product of their own transgressions, and universal suffrage is served. Perplexed by her grandfather’s apparent immunity to Templeton’s will, Margaret ultimately realizes that faith will triumph over evil. The price is heavy, as the town seeks redemption from the only one who can grant it. With it comes a caveat that one detractor in the group will re-invite the apocalypse with increased severity.

Margaret’s heroism is handsomely rewarded as she ultimately finds transcendence that no mortal could deliver—a unification with the one person whose absence created an emotional abyss, as well as an explanation of her grandfather’s immunity to Satan’s will which is epic. And she ultimately finds her happily ever after with a love-match that is intriguingly coincidental!  The ending nicely sets the stage for the workings of a prequel.
My Review

Author Re-Visits the Good Vs. Evil Battle in His Own Way. While most of us who enjoy a good "end of humanity" story with a good vs. evil battle have read many takes on the same theme--the author creates just enough unique elements to this storyline to make it original and exciting.  As the author develops his characters and weaves together the details of the plot--readers will be treated to religious thought as well as human nature insights and real-world flaws.  


Relatable Characters and Storytelling Bring the Book To Life. While there are some slow points to the story--the author does a great job keeping the flow of the novel moving along to resolution. Even at slower moments, the writing style and the novel's characters keep readers engaged and interested in the storyline--and rooting for the success and happiness of the book's heroine. 


Would I Recommend Nobody's Mulligan by Brian Holt? This book is an excellent find for religious/inspirational fiction fans who also enjoy end-of-the-world-style adventures. While the novel provides a lot to love/hate in its main characters and serves faith lessons--it also serves some real-world realizations that readers may find relatable and a bit timely for our current world. I enjoyed the novel and would recommend it to those interested in an end-of-humanity-as-we-know-it story of faith battling evil.

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