What does Mom Really Want for Mother’s Day?

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What would you like for Mother's Day?
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While the television ads—and email advertisements, department store flyers, and every other marketing material known to man are quick to claim that mom wants flowers, or diamonds, or gourmet chocolate, or a host of other somewhat unusual gifts marketed just for Mother’s Day, many Moms are rolling their eyes hoping that Dad and the Kiddos think outside the gift bag. What do some Moms really want for Mother’s Day?

Peace. No—not world peace, although that would be nice as well—but, many moms with multiple children would love a day of peace between siblings. No fighting over the video games, no battles over who’s first…or even second or fifth, no debates over who had a larger portion of gummy bears or goldfish crackers. A day of peace on Mother’s Day would be a gift worth far more than the price of a diamond tennis bracelet to many argument weary moms.

A Nap. Moms get to take naps??!?!?!?! I missed that day in Mom School as well. If you haven’t slept during the day since your sophomore was a newborn—you may have long forgotten the value of snuggling into bed for an afternoon nap. Give mom a nap for Mother’s Day—just make sure there isn’t a laundry list of things that she’ll need to find, fix or clean when she wakes up…you may need to offer that guarantee in writing pre-nap.

Send Mom and Dad on a date. Yes—Mom would like a date with Dad. How long has it been since Mom and Dad went out alone? (No, the marathon grocery shopping adventure at the warehouse store--where Mom has to take Dad or she can’t carry the 80 pound bag of dog food does not count as a date.) Some moms, not all of course, would like the opportunity on Mother’s Day to be rewarded for a year of Mom duties with a few hours of non-Mom duties.

Dinner—with zero Mom-intervention. Yes—zero means that mom doesn’t clean the kitchen, wash the dishes or spend hours trying to figure out exactly WHAT Dad and the Kids used THAT pan or dish for…A simple dinner—even at home…maybe with flowers or even with the kids dressed up a bit. No sous chef work, no planning, no preparation—and no cleanup. That’s a Mother’s Day gift for many.

Give a gift outside the commercial gift bag. Moms can be emotional creatures. Sometimes—really—it IS the thought that counts. Take the time to preserve a memory—or plan an outing to create a new memory. Something this simple may mean so much more valuable to a busy, devoted mom. Planting a new tree, creating a footprint stepping stone, making a photo book of the year’s memories—there are so many ways to remind Mom this year (and for years to follow) of the amazing year, and life, she’s had. (Between those memories of diapers, dishes, laundry, carpools, homework, work, and hazmat detail!)

Of course, flowers and fancy chocolate (to be hidden in an undisclosed location) or a random piece of jewelry are always pretty cool as Mother’s Day add-ons too should you feel the need to satisfy the commercialized Mother’s Day industry or boost the local economy.

What are some non-commercial gifts that you would like for Mother's Day this year?

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