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As a mother of three, I can certainly attest to the value of keeping up learning activities throughout the summer months!  While some children are always super excited to join in summer learning activities--there are some ages and situations where moms and dads (and caregivers) need to get a little creative to inspire (or motivate) those kids!  There are also so many wonderful learning tools and resources available to parents if you stay "in the know".  My girls are going to be home for the summer months in just a couple of weeks--so, we are launching a blog series dedicated to summer learning activities for kids!  For nearly 20 years now, I have sought out new, unique, subject specific, creative, summer learning ideas for my kids--through many stages of development and needs ranging from remedial studies through gifted programming.  We will be adding special, summer learning activity related posts, products, programs and more to this page (nearly) every day of the summer!

Check back frequently for new post additions, tips, tricks, online activities, printables, crafts, learning products, books, special camps, programs and more!  We will be linking all of our summer learning posts back to this post to create an index of information.

Over the summer-we will be adding posts in by age of the child in the following categories...

Babies & Toddlers
Summer Reading Programs for Kids

Summer Reading Programs for Kids
Emma Grammar Teaching Series Book Reviews/Giveaway 
Summer Reading Programs for Kids

Middle School/Junior High
Summer Reading Programs for Kids
  High School
Summer Reading Programs for Kids

Some of our posts may fit multiple categories--so they may be listed on this page more than once!

To find this post index quickly--simply click on the summer learning activities icon on our sidebar!

We look forward to sharing a summer filled with learning experiences with you! 

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