A Cat Makes Life Fun

 Most of you already know that I love my four cats almost as much as my children--and am pretty sure that most days the cats like me more than my children. Some days, though, and usually when things are at their busiest, it seems that my cats run some random science experiments to test me. Their latest?

1. Lea the Cat determined that one roll of toilet paper can successfully toilet paper the dining room in its entirety.

2. Fluffy D'Tail proved that he can suck down the 4 year old's full bowl of leftover cereal milk in 3.5 seconds--and have resulting diarrhea for 3.8 days.

3. Gina demonstrated that one 5 pound cat is capable of puking in 8 rooms of the house in less than 5 minutes.

4. Frito tested the chromatic contrast between grey hairballs and beige carpet 42 times in different rooms, varied lighting and at various times of the day.

So much for the carpet that I just cleaned for Thanksgiving. I didn't have anything else to do today, right?

You can check out Frito's not-so-daily chronicle of his nine lives at One Fat Cat with a Blog.
Yes, a cat makes life fun. I love cats. I love cats. I love cats. And I will love them EVEN more if Frito stays out of the Thanksgiving buffet and Gina doesn't pee on anything before Thursday...or Heaven Help Us, ON Thursday!

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