10 Ways to Survive the Holidays Without Going Crazy or Broke (Number 5 is My Favorite)

Are you wondering how you are going to survive the holidays this year? You may have made it through back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving--but, the moment the spotlight hits Black Friday--panic strikes.  The holidays should be the most wonderful times of the year--yet they seem to be the most stressful instead! What can you do to manage your budget, your home and your sanity while still spreading holiday cheer? I have a few pointers for you to consider! Here are my 10 ways to Survive the Holidays Without Going Crazy or Broke (Number 5 is probably my #1 sanity saver for the holiday season!)

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Take advantage of Black Friday—but, do not get taken advantage OF on Black Friday. Do your own research and make sure that a Thanksgiving weekend deal is really the best deal.  Many retailers offer a number of special sales through out the holiday season.

Set a realistic holiday budget--and stick to it! This is especially important if money is tight!  Nothing creates more holiday stress than worrying about paying for all of that holiday cheer! If you have set your holiday budget, but are having some difficulty sticking to it--we have some tips for stretching your holiday budget that may help! 

Use gadget power. Create lists and take advantage of your planner, calendar and your many smartphone apps to keep you on track. 

Organize for the holidays. Create a gift wrap station; assemble your entire cookie making supplies into a big basket, set up guest rooms for overnight visitors to avoid last minute rushes. Don't forget to plan ahead for your storage and organization need changes after the holidays!  Maybe you need more effective storage and organization for holiday decor or better stuffed animal and toy storage solutions for the new holiday presents!

Be selective in your holiday plans. Do the holidays seem to run you in circles without much time to actually enjoy the holidays?  Pick and choose the events and activities that are most important to you and your family. Too many co-worker invites? Choose only a couple—or skip all of the personal parties entirely and offer your wishes at the company’s holiday party instead. Honestly, planning a family holiday movie night may be a much more enjoyable activity than trudging out to one more holiday party!

Avoid germ hot spots. Avoid “germ zones” like the pediatrician’s office or the waiting area at the pharmacy by using drive through services and scheduling your well child appointments after the holidays! 

Take care of yourself. Yes, this means taking time to eat well and sleep amidst the hustle, bustle and holiday mayhem. Living on Christmas cookies and strong coffee for the month of December may work for Santa—but, not so much for a busy family. 

Accept help from others. Take a few minutes to visit the free gift wrap station at the mall, have your shipped gifts packaged by the shipper (if it won’t break your budget), and accept your sister’s offer to bring more than a bottle of wine to the dinner you’re hosting! 

Avoid the dreaded procrastination. We have all spent a Christmas Eve assembling doll houses or bikes half the night. Instead, order online holiday cards early, wrap and assemble presents as you buy them—and work a little every day on keeping the house tidy and guest ready.

Remember the meaning of the season. Forget a bit about the trees and the tinsel—and the massive wish lists and gadgets. Take a step back and make an effort to both appreciate and teach your family the true significance of your holidays.

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