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Have you heard about is a recently launched website that offers users the opportunity to support favorite charities quickly and easily—and track all of that charitable support in one account for fewer forgotten deductions at tax time! I was recently offered the opportunity to review—and I wish I had found it sooner in the holiday season! What is the scoop on allows users to set up a “Giving Foundation”—or personal account on the site, choose charities to follow, and donate to select charities all in one place either by online shopping purchases through merchant partners or directly via credit card.

Account setup is free and simple—users can either enter basic account information directly or login via Facebook. I opted to connect via Facebook and in less than 3 minutes, my account was ready to use.

Adding charities to My Foundation, or my personal account, was easy as well. I simply typed in my desired charitable organizations, verified the charity addresses and “followed” them—which means that my chosen charities appear in My Foundation, making it easier for me make monetary donations and support my favorite charities when shopping online through the participating merchant shopping page. allows users to make contributions to their accounts either directly with a credit card. Users can also opt to shop with’s merchant partners to receive a donation percentage of up to 15% of the online purchase.

When users are ready to donate, they simply select the followed charity to which the contribution should be made. serves as a facilitator, allowing donations to be made free of charge to both the giver and the charity. To learn more about, visit the website or click on the video below. Happy giving!

*Disclaimer: This blog post was written as part of a blogging contest sponsored by One2One Network and for a chance to win a Bliss Dom “11 Conference sponsorship and related prizes. The views and opinions expressed in this post, however, as always, are my own and are not influenced by the post sponsorships.

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