New Year's Resolutions for Moms and Busy Families

As we near the end of 2010 at Mama’s Corner of the World, it is time to take a deep cleansing breath and set up some new goals and resolutions for 2011 to make this Mama’s world turn as well as it is able! I always look forward to setting new goals—and this year, I’ll be using Mama’s Corner of the World to track and document our progress toward some of our New Year’s Resolutions. What would I like to change, achieve, and accomplish in 2011?

Implement a weekly date night. Weekly is the goal—but, I'll be honest, there have been a few years in my recent past where my husband and I can count our date nights for the year on one hand! I would certainly be happy if I implemented a monthly date night!  Even as our three girls grow older—the date night opportunities remain overshadowed by extracurricular activities, work commitments and family obligations. In 2011, I hope to explore local options and ideas for busy couples to maintain date nights without breaking the bank!

Revisit some daily mom-time—or rather, some daily “non-mom” time. I love my daughters, I love my husband, I love the cats, and Mister Max the dog—but, I could use a little non-mom time every now and then. Whether it’s reading a new book or finding a new product just for moms—I hope to throw out some daily mom-time suggestions and find some down time of my own this year.

Lose weight…again. Over the past sixteen years, and three babies, I have lost, gained, lost and regained my body weight more than once. It’s time to revisit my healthy weight (again) and set up a plan to keep that weight, build some strength and get ready for my many years to come!

Travel more as a family. This resolution will please many of my editors, I’m sure, as the Thompson family took a bit of travel break in 2010. Between some medical maladies and some scheduling glitches, there were not many opportunities for outings! It’s time to bring back the family meetings and start weekly “draw an outing from the hat” adventures again! I think this is the resolution that excites me the most—and I know that Max the dog will love it (once we get him a bottle of Dramamine!)

Become healthier as a family. The entire family, even the little ones, could use more exercise, healthier diets, and more rest and relaxation. Hopefully this resolution will go hand in hand with some of those already mentioned—but, I am seeing some healthy recipe makeovers appearing in Mama’s World of Recipes in addition to our family travel, around town, and around the house escapades!

Become more efficient. This is going to require better organization, better planning, and better long term goal setting—but, again, I think this is a resolution that will benefit the entire family because once I prioritize and weed out all of the time sponges, I expect to find more time to accomplish and enjoy the family’s goals and dreams!

Become more environmentally correct.  With a background in environmental engineering, one would think that environmental health and conservation would come easy to me.  In many ways it does--but, there are certainly a number of ways that my own family can reduce our carbon footprint--and  I plan to work on reducing that footprint in 2011.

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you the best for the upcoming New Year!

What are some New Year's Resolutions in your mama's world?

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