Mama's Starting the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up Plan

In mid December, I was invited to attend a virtual press conference to learn more about the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune plan—a simple diet modification plan that seeks to help participants look and feel better—and even lose up to 5 pounds in only two weeks.

The basis of the plan is simple. As busy women and busy parents, life has a way of slipping up on us! Whether it’s a wedding or party, or a high school reunion—sometimes we could use a little push in a hurry to accomplish some last minute mind and body “tune up”. Enter the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up plan. For 14 days, participants replace breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait Light yogurt, a grain and a fruit while planning a sensible, low fat dinner with lean protein and incorporating at least 30-40 minutes of daily walking along with healthy snacks and drinks.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to eat healthier, get more exercise and (ultimately) lose (more than) a few pounds. I’m also hoping that once I begin to cook and snack healthier, the rest of the family will follow suit as well! I already have my husband on board to give a modified version of the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune plan a try. Although, he did give a bit of a chuckle when I called it a diet “Tune Up”—and remarked that we need a complete “engine rebuild”. Well, we’ll start with a tune up—and then work on a total overhaul!

How can you get started on the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up plan? Visit Yoplait’s Two Week Tune Up site and simply click to start the plan. No registration required. You can view the available Yoplait Light yogurt flavors, with yummy sounding new flavors like Black Forest Cake and Triple Berry Torte, choose some of your favorites and take advantage of the meal planning tools on the site to create a 14 day meal plan—with easy to follow recipes—that you can customize to your tastes. You can also print a daily food and exercise tracker (to keep you focused and honest!) and find some helpful tips to incorporate a long term healthy diet routine and more exercise into your busy days.

Today is the first day of my Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up! I knew that the initial weigh in this morning wasn’t going to be a jolly one—but, it was pretty eye opening to realize that my current weight is too close to my 40 week pregnant weight for my first daughter 16 years ago! Holy yogurt, Batman—bring on a tune up!!

Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions and to offer inspiration and healthy eating options for the New Year, Yoplait has offered me two prize packs to give away to my readers! Over the next two weeks, as I “tune up”, I’ll give readers opportunities to learn more about some Yoplait products and enter to win related prize packs so stay tuned (oh, that was a bad pun)! The first Yoplait product review and prize pack giveaway entry opportunity will come tomorrow morning!

For more information on Yoplait in general and the Yoplait Light's Two Week Tune Up, visit  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. As always, discuss your diet and plan any changes and modifications with your medical care provider to ensure that a diet and weight loss program is safe and best for your individual needs!

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to post about the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up through an affiliation with MyBlogSpark and Yoplait! I will receive prize packs and a coupon for products to review from Yoplait and MyBlogSpark similar to the ones that I have been offered to give away to my readers. No other compensation has been received for my posts relative to Yoplait.

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