Can Yoplait Original Help Busy Moms Meet Daily Calcium Goals?

I recently learned a few things about Yoplait Original yogurt that I thought I would share with my readers. Are you a woman looking to add more calcium to your diet? I am a thirty-going-on-forty something woman who admits that I do not get enough calcium in my diet—and my short stature-Caucasian bones will not thank me in my not so distant future for my mid-life dietary abuses. Okay. I’m 38 this year—and milk/cheese/ice cream absolutely destroy my digestive system….and the price tags for calcium supplements do not fit so well into my weekly rationalized budget. (You know the one where the kids dance lessons come before new socks for the husband or your vitamin supplements, right?) Yoplait yogurt makes it easier (and more easy to rationalize) for women like us to add more calcium to our daily diets.

Yoplait Original yogurt has twice the calcium of leading yogurt brands--50 percent of the daily recommended calcium intake as well as 50 percent of the daily needed vitamin D to help absorb that calcium in each 6-ounce serving container of Yoplait original. If I can boost my calcium intake with something that is already on hand—I’m far more likely to do it than if I would be spending “extra” money on my own needs!

Yoplait Original yogurt is available in single servings, 4-cup packs and easy-to-store 8-cup fridge packs in 23 delicious flavors including Strawberry, French Vanilla, Harvest Peach, and Blackberry Pomegranate. (I LOVE the pomegranate blends and mixed berry varieties!)

Many of my readers know that my middle daughter, Macy, has suffered from digestive problems since birth—and yogurt is a constant,daily offering in our menu and on hand in the Thompson refrigerator. The family and I love Yoplait yogurts—everything from the original to the light to the Fiber One varieties. As part of a program sponsored by Yoplait and MyBlogSpark, I was given the opportunity to sample the latest Yoplait Original offerings—and let my readers enjoy them as well.

Check out Yoplait on Facebook to sign up for your free cup*** of Yoplait original (subject to availability) and make a personal commitment to meeting your calcium needs each day. While you’re there, take a moment to enjoy daily calcium tips from Registered Dietitian Katherine Brooking. Be sure to “like” Yoplait on Facebook—and check out Yoplait on Twitter to keep up with the latest Yoplait Yogurt news and events.

*This coupon offer for Yoplait yogurt is subject to availability and may not be valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee.
**I was provided a free coupon to try Yoplait Originals from Yoplait and MyBlogSpark to review for this post.  As always, all opinions and review commentary are my own and are not influenced by sponsors.

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