Cross Pen Review: Would I Give a Cross Pen as a Gift?

Cross pens really do make great gifts—it’s not just advertising hype and fuss. I have always been a Cross pen fan and have given lots of them as gifts through the years. Cross pens always seemed to fill the bill for Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations, and congratulatory style gifts. In fact, if memory serves, I gave one to my husband when he landed his first job out of college (and he still has it and uses it as his “professional meeting and presentation pen”). I was recently given the opportunity to review modern Cross pens through an affiliation with Bzz Agent. What did I think of today's Cross pen lines?

Cross pens actually serve both formal and everyday purposes. While I have always liked the “formal” pens that I remember gifting during the years—I was pretty impressed with the everyday use pens, which if what I would call the one that I received, in both form and functionality.

Cross pens have a style to suit most tastes. This was a bit of a surprise to me—although I knew of the special “silver in a gift box” sort of Cross pens—I was unaware that the company made a much larger, more diverse style group of pens and writing products. I also liked the thicker body of the pen that I reviewed as it offered a better grip and feel than I’ve experienced with other pens.

Aren’t Cross pens expensive? I was again surprised to realize how varied the company’s options are for the price of the product. With special promotions and sales, like this year's Summer Sale, Cross products are really quite affordable for the quality.  (It's a great way to stock up on upcoming gifts for those of us who like to plan ahead!)

So—how would I rate Cross products and pens? I was actually impressed with the pen. I was pleased with its design and with its writing performance. I am also more likely to consider gifting Cross pens to recipients on my list that I would not likely have considered previously because of the vast style options now available. If you haven’t checked out Cross in a while, I would encourage a trip to the Cross site.

Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent, I received a free Cross Pen to review for this post—but, as always, my opinions are my own and are not influenced by the manufacturer or provider of the product under review.

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