Clorox Sponsors Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play: Are Your Kids Ready to Play Outside?

Why should your kids participate in the Nickeloden Worldwide Day of Play, sponsored in part by Clorox?

September 24, 2011, is designated Nickelodeon's 8th Annual Worldwide Day of Play—and, for many busy moms, outdoor play is a messy adventure and, unfortunately, not one often seen as timely or convenient. But, having said that, busy moms and dads also know that unstructured, outdoor playtime is essential to a healthy child’s mental and physical development. Play encourages physical activitity, problem solving, teamwork, imagination and indepence. When kids are left outside mom (or dad’s) watchful eye—they have to take responsibility for actions and use many of the essential interpersonal skills that they’ve learned. Why do I think the Worldwide Day of Play is so important?

Technology is not all that it’s cracked up to be. My three girls range in age from nearly 17 to 5 years old—and all of them would stay connected to a computer, smartphone, iPod or gaming system for hours on end. While my little girls are fairly limited to educational or parent approved games and sites—they are missing a great deal of real world, human interraction when attached to an e-device. A day of play should involve REAL kids—not virtual e-friends—and create at least two messes, one argument, and a few shared smiles.

Getting dirty has value. While getting dirty has never been a play deterrent for my youngest daughter—my two older girls are more timid. We learn so much from our environment—and while I love cute Abercrombie tanks with cutesy skirts and little (expensively) matched Gymboree outfits---I want my children to explore and experience their environments without fear of “GASP--Mom’s going to lose it when she sees this grass stain”.

Play equals exercise. When kids play outside, what happens? They are active. They jump rope, they play tag or hide and seek, or they find games that offer mental stimulation such as scavenger hunts or pretend games. Even in more docile pretend games, children tend to be moving about, simulating activities.

Play could, and should, involve the whole family. We frequently take the girls and Mister Max the dog on hikes and outdoor trips. We also spend lots of time on soccer fields and bike paths. When the entire family disconnects from distractions, the whole family benefits. I’m a freelance writer where all of my work is online and my husband could play a help desk role for his company 24/7…my teen daughter could text every minute of the day and the two younger ones are nearing that point as well already. When we break away—we reconnect. We learn about each other and our world and we enhance our communication and interpersonal skills.

Play encourages so much in a child. Children are built to play—and a good playdate teaches so many lifeskills as well. Our real-world relationships cannot be learned online (successfully). It almost seems that many parents and children alike need to re-learn real world interaction. How many times have you seen a toddler in a shopping cart with a parent glued to a smartphone. Facebook is a great diversion and even the kids love Angry Birds—but, the 30 minutes in the grocery store could be spent teaching a little one about fruits and vegetables, colors or math skills. It’s okay for children to play as parents did so long ago—and it’s probably for the best in the long run!

Play time is no longer parental free time—but, is a necessary task on the to-do list. My girls play outside, play sports, and participate in outdoor activities on our street, in our neighborhood and beyond. As many parents in suburban or inner-city areas, I also worry about my child’s safety when she goes out to play—but, I opt to set aside “safe zones”, talk with the parents of my child’s friends, and set aside a lot of my own time to supervise outdoor play.

Ready to commit to a day of play for your child? Clorox2 (which makes me so willing to let my littlest out of the house for playdates….even in her play chothes!) has commited interest in getting kids outside for this special play day by sponsoring the Nickelodeon World Wide Day of Play! Check out the Clorox2 Play 2Day Pledge hub,, and pledge to play outside with your kids (or encourage your kids to do so) on the Worldwide Day of Play!

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