Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Review

Smart Ones seeks to change the reputation of the usual pre-portioned, frozen, “diet” meal with the new Satisfying Selections product line. The product line, introduced in August 2011, offers larger, more satisfying portions than traditional Smart Ones dinner entrees—while keeping the selections healthy and well proportioned for weight loss or dietary management. I was given the opportunity to review two varieties of Smart Ones Satisfying Selections. How did the new weight watchers meal stack up to a review in A Mama’s Corner of the World?

Weight loss has never come easy to this Mama—and after three kids and a freelance writing career behind the computer keyboard—the task hasn’t gotten easier over time. While the convenience of prepackaged, nutritious meals has always drawn me in—there are some drawbacks: bland taste, low value for price, actual nutritional value, and the fact that many “weight management” meals left me trying to remember if I actually ate lunch or dinner. I had seen success with a Weight Watchers Points program after the birth of my second daughter, so when I learned about Smart Ones Satisfying Selections, from Weight Watchers, the claim that they were actually designed to satisfy as a full meal encouraged me to give them a try.

I chose to review Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Sesame Chicken and Ziti Meatballs and Cheese. If I opt for high calorie, takeout—I rarely crave burgers and fries—I head for Chinese or the Pizza/Sub Shop—so if Smart Ones can satisfy those two weaknesses—I may have found a new best friend in the freezer!

Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Sesame Chicken Review Summary: The Sesame Chicken met all of the requirements for a full, satisfying meal--and I actually liked the taste. You can check out my full review of Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Sesame Chicken.

Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti Meatballs and Cheese Review Summary: The Ziti Meatballs and Cheese entree was a little disappointing and not as filling as the Sesame Chicken. You can also check out my full review of Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti Meatballs and Cheese.

Would I Recommend Smart Ones Satisfying Selections? Yes--for a number of reasons.
  • All of the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections meals serve less than 400 calories 
  • All of the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections meals have a Weight Watchers PointsPlus™ value ranging from 8-10  points and I have enjoyed diet success with Weight Watchers Points programs in the past
  • All of the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections meals offer 25 grams or more of protein--making them, in my opinion, more satsfying as a full meal 
  • Preparation is easy for both stove top and microwave--making them a suitable workplace meal as well as a home option
  • I would buy the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Sesame Chicken again and plan to try a few other varieties as well
Smart Ones Satisfying Selections are available in 5 flavor varieties: Sesame Chicken, Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, Ziti with Meatballs & Cheese, Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese, Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry and have a suggested retail value of $3.69.

For More Information on the Smart Ones Brand or the products reviewed here, check out the Smart Ones website or visit Smart Ones on Facebook.

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