Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti Meatballs and Cheese Review

Can Smart Ones alter the reputation of frozen, pre-portioned meals with the new Satisfying Selections line? The frozen dinner line, introduced this summer, offers 30% larger, higher protein packed portions than regular Smart Ones dinner entrees—while maintaining the nutrition and fat/calorie management known of the brand. I was asked to review two varieties of Smart Ones Satisfying Selections. I chose the Sesame Chicken and the Ziti Meatballs and Cheese. How did the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti Meatballs with Cheese stand up to a review in A Mama’s Corner of the World?

As I have noted before, when I review a product--I look at several factors: taste, convenience, ease of use and overall value.

How did Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti with Meatballs and Cheese Taste? I have never been a great fan of frozen Italian pasta entrees—especially low calorie/low fat ones. There seems to be a consistent smell and flavor to the sauce—no matter what brand of entrée I try—and I don’t find it appealing. I will admit, I was a bit disappointed in the Ziti with Meatballs and Cheese. The pasta was a bit less than Al Dente (as in undercooked) and the meatballs were soft and squishy. Unfortunately, I found myself adding parmesan cheese to cover the taste of the sauce—-adding both fat and calories to the meal.

Convenience and Ease of Use. The Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti with meatballs and cheese offered both microwave and stove top cooking directions. I chose to use the microwave method. I cooked the entrée as directed—-but, the meal wasn’t warm through at the end of the cooking time. I then had to return the contents to the microwave and try to finish warming it—-which may have led to the disappointing texture of the pasta.

Quality and Nutritional Value. The Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti with Meatballs and Cheese was valued at 10 Weight Watchers Points—and held 730 mg of sodium. Again, as a full meal, the points and sodium level would be manageable. Was it a full meal? I needed to add a salad (and as I mentioned—a bit of extra cheese).

Overall Value and Opinion of Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Ziti with Meatballs and Cheese? The Smart Ones Satisfying Selections have a suggested retail value of $3.69—my local Kroger store prices them at $3.99. That’s really a pretty decent value. While I did not enjoy the Ziti with Meatballs and Cheese—I would certainly buy the Smart Ones Satisfying Selection Sesame Chicken again and would be willing to try the other Smart Ones Satisfying Selections options as well.

Disclaimer: This post is part of a SocialMoms product evaluation, for which I’ve been selected. I’ve been compensated for my time with 6,000 My SocialMoms Rewards Points. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of SocialMoms or Heinz.

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