A Look Back at 2011: Did we Accomplish our Resolutions?

Almost time...have you met your 2011 Resolutions?
As we near the end of 2011, it’s time to begin making our New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Before we do that, however, I thought we’d take a break and look back at last year’s New Year’s Resolutions here in A Mama’s Corner of the World. How did we do in 2011? Did we make the changes that we wanted? Here’s a rundown of last year’s New Year’s Resolutions (in bold) and our accomplishments or defeats!

Implement a weekly date night. Sigh. It was a well meaning thought—and once again, with extracurricular activities, work commitments and family obligations, this resolution got pushed to a back burner. We did, however, institute a weekly grocery store trip without the girls. Sometimes we would even pick up a coffee or slip out for an appetizer and a drink during our trip. No—we didn’t break away for a weekly (or even a monthly) “official” date night—but, managed to have a few late dinners after the girls were in bed, a few movie nights, a few evening walks and some late night trips to the pool. All in all, in 2011, we did a much better job finding couple time—even if it was at home with the girls.

Revisit some daily mom-time—or rather, some daily “non-mom” time. This still took a back-of-the-bus seat for me—but, I was better. I read more books this year, spent more time on Facebook, and connected a lot more with other moms and writers. Could I do better? Sure—but, I think that I will have lots of non-mom time in the future, so I’ll continue to make baby steps and see what happens!

Lose weight…again. Double Sigh. I didn’t necessarily drop the 20 pounds I wanted to lose last year—but, I didn’t gain any weight and I did make some positive efforts. I’ve become a part of the Yoplait Light Swap Team—and it’s been pretty inspirational and fun, in a mom blogger sort of way.

Travel more as a family. We did travel more—to Irish Dance competitions, also known as feisanna (pronounced fesh-ah-na). Not the Disney world scene or to exotic places likely to be featured by Andrew Zimmern or some other travel guru—but, family travel nonetheless. No, my travel editors were not delighted with my reviews of plain jane hotels and conference centers—and I gave up a few of my travel writing ventures over the year. Maybe 2012 will see a return to family travel for A Mama’s Corner of the World.

Become healthier as a family. We did make efforts on this resolution. We spent a lot more time outdoors, a lot of time in the pool—and a lot of time participating in sports and recreational activities. We were more inclined to create healthier recipes and snack alternatives. Rest and relaxation were not so much on the forefront…maybe in 2012.

Become more efficient. Let’s call this one an overscheduled, overburdened failure. We did not do well at this as a family on the whole. It’s a good one—it needs done and we’ll try again in 2012.

Become more environmentally correct. We did a lot better on green efforts this year. We reduced waste, we increased our composting and recycling efforts, and we reduced consumption in many areas. We could always do better—and will continue to learn and grow in 2012.

We’ll be posting our 2012 New Year's Resolutions this weekend. We look forward to starting the New Year with a new (or not so new) list of goals and dreams!

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  1. Those were some awesome goals! We started the weekly date night thing - and it became the go to the grocery store or do shopping for birthdays/Christmas kind of thing. And not every week - mostly due to sitte issues, but that little time together w/o kids is sooo worth it!

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