Breastfeeding Moms: We've Come A Long Way

After 17 years of experiences in breastfeeding--I am here to tell you that breastfeeding options for moms have come a long, long way over the years!  The recent Target Nurse-In staged in support of a Houston Mom makes the still-present struggles of breastfeeding moms all too apparent even in this day and age--and it certainly brought lots of memories of my own trials and tribulations so many years ago!

When I gave birth to my oldest daughter--I was faced with lots and lots of uncertainty, challenges and concerns.  Those were just as a new parent--not even considering the fears, uncertainty and issues associated with breastfeeding. How did I manage?  Sometimes I look back and I'm not sure!

Was my baby eating enough?  Could I be doing something wrong?  Could I schedule our errands efficiently around my baby's mealtimes or would I be able to find a place nurse if we were out and about?  It was tough--even as recently as five years ago--to maintain a bottle free baby and keep my sanity.

I was never asked to not breastfeed in public--but, that was primarily because I was so careful to hide-out and be beyond discreet.  I do remember nursing outside at the zoo  a few years ago when the family restroom area was closed--completely covered and obscured by trees--but, feeling like I was a criminal and fearing that I would be asked to leave before my baby's meal was finished. 

I am very glad that I was able to nurse all three of my children successfully--and I applaud that other women are accomplishing this as well.  It makes me even happier that many women put aside embarrassment and insecurities and stand up for themselves and their families--even it requires a nurse-in to support these efforts.

I'll continue to offer up breastfeeding resources and tips--although my own breastfeeding days are long past both here and through my other freelance writing efforts as I feel this was one of the most rewarding experiences that a mother can have with a child.

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