Meet Doheny's: Our Resource for Pool Chemicals, Accessories and Supplies

When we bought our house ten years ago, I was drawn to the layout of the living room—and my husband was drawn to the pool and the landscaping. Neither of us had owned a pool before—so that was, by far, our greatest challenge as new home owners. What did we need? How do we get the thing up and going? Looking back, I realize that we were extremely fortunate from the start. We received two great pool related recommendations—one was for a local pool service and repair man and the other was a pool supply company, Doheny’s Water Warehouse. While the repair and servicing requirements are few and far between these days—pool chemicals and supplies are needed quite frequently and Doheny’s is our go-to resource for affordable, quality pool supplies.

Speed and convenience are important pool owners. I will admit, I procrastinate on replenishing our stock of pool chemicals. We use a lot of balancers and sanitizers throughout the pool season. We also use a DE filter—and lots of DE powder initially. (Startup after an Ohio winter is not always the prettiest…especially if the weather warms after we close the pool in the fall.) I love knowing that I can order pool supplies and have them delivered to my door overnight—with free shipping. (There is a minimal handling charge—but, expedited shipping is FREE—and procrastinators, like this Mama, love that.) I am an online shopper. Too many times, I visit our local pool supplier and they are either sold out of the supplies that I need—or I’m left hefting 50 pounds of pool chemicals in and out the mini-van as their hours rarely mesh with the husband’s work schedule when supply needs arise. I like shopping online, I like free shipping—and I like that the UPS driver puts the supplies from Doheny's in the garage for me.

Pool owners need great customer service. Our local pool supply and service providers are obviously overwhelmed during pool season. They rarely return phone calls, they overbook and seem to maintain lean supply stock. In ten years, I have never experienced a problem with an online order from Doheny’s Water Warehouse. I have literally ordered all of our pool supplies, even replacement covers and leaf nets—as well as occasional pool accessories from Doheny’s over the years. All of the orders have been easy to place, accurately processed, and delivered on time—even on the weekends. Once, a box of DE powder was punctured during transit by the courier. Even before I was able to contact Doheny’s—I was out of town—they were working on the replacement shipment.

We still hit a few bumps in the pool ownership road--like when a valve somehow blocked last spring and the pressure in the filter blew out another valve. With the valve missing, the pump shot a geyser of water out of the pool for two hours to the tune of about 3000 gallons of water before I returned from a morning soccer camp and discovered the fiasco and turned off the pump! It has been wonderful to find a reliable pool supplier to help quickly and easily cover our basics so that we are able to keep our busy summer, and our pool, on track!

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