Valentine's Day Tips and Resources for Busy Families

Valentine's Day is fast approaching--are you ready?  As parents--Valentine's Day takes on a whole new realm of duties and responsibilities.  Gone are the days of simply planning a romantic Valentine's Day as a couple!  Now, families must plan school Valentine's Day Parties, worry about planning eco-friendly and green Valentine's Day dates and activities, budget for Valentine's Day date nights, plan low cost Valentine's Day gifts and manage long distance Valentine's Day gifts for military personnel or travel burdened spouses and significant others.  How can you do it?  I've compiled a few of my recent articles and resources related to Valentine's Day to help you tackle the holiday with ease and grace!

Environmentally friendly Valentine's Day Ideas & Resources.  

Valentine's Day is commercialized--but, you can still be green friendly as you celebrate your romantic holiday! 

Green Alternatives to Common Valentine's Day Gifts
Valentine's Day is not always environmentally friendly. From flowers laden with pesticides to poor or dangerous conditions for laborers mining diamonds or working on cocoa plantations, it is easy to see that many of the gifts are environmentally costly. Luckily there are great green alternatives to some of the most common....

5 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day
Planning the perfect Valentine's Day date is stressful. Like most popular holidays, the commercialization of Valentine's Day causes the meaning of the day to be lost in a sea of red hearts and sweetheart travel or date packages. It is easy to forget that Valentine's Day is .....

Valentine's Day for the Kids.  

Whether you are the room parent in charge or simply trying to help the little ones find the most budget friendly valentines, these resources may help.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Preschool Valentine's Day Party
The best thing about planning Valentine's Day parties for preschoolers is that they do not yet have the expectations of older children. To the preschool set, almost anything out of the ordinary is exciting. They are fun to please-and often easier .....

10 Sites for Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards for Kids
Choosing Valentine's Day cards is a really big deal to many children. The cards must be just right! For families with multiple children needing 25-30 cards to exchange per classroom plus cards for family and non-school friends, this annual tradition can become rather expensive. Luckily, there are many sites .....


10 Best Valentine's Day Books for Kids Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching--and, if you have book loving children in your life, you are probably looking for some of the best Valentine’s Day books for kids to keep them entertained and excited about the holiday...

3 Easy Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids
The Valentine's Day party is a classroom favorite each February. Kids put a great deal of effort into choosing favorite Valentine's Day cards, creating boxes and card holders as unique as each child, and looking .....

Budgeting Valentine's Day as a Couple 

This is tough in today's economy--especially on a one income budget common in a stay at home parent's budget.  How can you keep the Valentine's Day spark alive with limited resources? 

5 Free Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day
No extravagant romantic getaway in your plans for this Valentine's Day? You are not alone. With the state of the economy and strained budgets nearly everywhere, many are scaling back on holidays and celebrations. If you are on a tighter budget, that does not mean .....

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gifts for Husbands
Many couples and families are operating on tighter budgets than ever before. While there may not be a lot of extra cash available for extravagant Valentine's Day gifts or romantic getaways this year, there are still plenty of inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts for you to .....

Best Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for Husbands
Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Do you have a special gift in mind for your husband or are you still searching for the right present for him? Shop now for some fun gift ideas for him! Valentine's Day has become such .....

Long Distance Relationships.  

Even if your spouse or significant other is not serving in the military--there are men and women destined to travel during holidays and birthdays as well that need recognized--and need Valentine's Day gifts!

Heartfelt Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Long Distance Love
Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate the one that you love. What if you are separated from the one you love on this special day? What gifts can you give to ensure that your long distance love knows .....

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