Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces with Kids

Need some ideas for family shoe storage in a small space?  We have three growing girls—one a teen—and we seem to have stuff bursting from every nook and cranny.  Not that our girls are known for amassing shoes—but, my husband frequently notes that the sheer number of boot selections alone in this house is insane.  We like shoes—and with growing feet—we sometimes have six pairs of kid-sized boots in various states of hand-me-down limbo!  We needed storage ideas for small spaces with kids—and these are some of our favorites.

Under-bed canvas shoe storage.  I love storage boxes and containers that fit under beds. That precious under-bed area is an awesome resource for those of us battling small homes or few closets and storage areas.  Each girl has an under-bed storage unit to keep off-season or anticipated-hand-me-down shoes, boots and sandals from cluttering our hall closet.   

Wooden Bench/Shoe storage combo.  I am always a fan of multipurposed items—and this bench/shoe shelf unit fits the bill well.  It is small enough for an entryway or the edge of the garage.  It’s a great place for everyone to take off shoes and put them away at the same time—especially when everyone arrives home or leaves at nearly the same time.

Shoe tree.  When there is not a lot of horizontal storage space, it’s time to move storage upward.  This shoe tree fits well in a corner or even in a closet and holds up to 18 pairs of shoes.  I love that the shoe tree revolves for easy access and is adjustable to fit various sizes of shoes between the tiers.  Shoe trees, our opinion, work best for lighter weight and small shoes—but, some large men’s shoes fit well on this tree because it is a lot more sturdy than others we’ve seen.  Just remember—shoe trees “display” shoes and tend to catch the eye, so these may make you happier if obscured from view—especially if your family’s shoe soles aren’t “display ready”.


Over the door shoe hangars.  Over the door style shoe organizers also seem to work best for lighter weight, smaller shoes—but, they do work well for families.  I have also been known to use them for toy storage as well!  Little doll accessory sets, dollar store type games, etc. are easy to find and prevent from being vacuum food when dropped into the pockets of a shoe organizer.


Baskets or Storage Bins.  While not necessarily intended for shoes, storage bins and large baskets are great shoe storage options for those with small spaces or small budgets.  Our little ones tend to be “tossers” rather than “placers”—meaning that they are more likely to throw shoes randomly into a large basket than to strategically place them on a shelf or into a shoe pocket. 

We seem to have at least three types of shoe storage depending on the ever changing uses of our home’s precious spaces and our needs of the season.  Hopefully one (or more) of our favorite shoe storage solutions work for you!

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