Cottonelle In Home Party: A Dress Up Tea Party

We were given a super fun opportunity to host an in-home party featuring Cottonelle products and Cottonelle's new Respect the Roll toilet paper roll covers designed by Jonathan Adler.  As we tossed around ideas in A Mama's Corner of the World--we came up with with the perfect theme and lots of activities based around, yep, Cottonelle toilet paper.  Toilet paper themed crafts are great for kids--so we were ready to host a kid friendly party.  From our crafts to our party favors--we put Cottonelle to great use--and helped our guests (and their parents) learn about the company and its cool new roll covers.  How did we host a tea party incorporating toilet paper into the theme?

The Invitations.  When we host a party for the girls--we generally have the invitations printed or we spend way too much time making them by hand.  This time--I was running short on preparation time so we found some cute postcard invitations on and simply wrote in the details!
The Arrival.  As our guests were arriving, we provided some "parlor music"--and coloring sheets and stickers for the guests to create some Victorian Era style calling cards.

The Tea Party Crafts and Activities.  Before the party, our girls were hard at work making picture frames from recycled cardboard boxes and recycled Cottonelle toilet paper rolls.  During the party, we made toilet paper flowers and lightly brushed the edges with washable paint.  The children were asked to raid the girls dress-up chests and create their fanciest look for a runway fashion show and photo shoot.  Cupcake decorating is one of my favorite party activities!  The kids LOVE to decorate their own special cupcakes from a variety of colored sugars and sprinkle shapes.

The Tea Party Food.  We created a Teapot Cake--like the one featured on Pillsbury--except we spent way too much time playing in fondant!  We served finger sandwiches made from ham or turkey with cheese--from serving trays along with paper teacups of pink lemonade.  The little guests finished their meal with the cupcakes that they had decorated.

Tea Party Games.  We made a ring toss game from recycled cardboard and empty Cottonelle toilet paper rolls.  We also played pin the spout on the teapot (a hand drawn variation of the good old Pin the Tail on the Donkey).  We had a teapot shaped pinata, played toilet paper roll bowling, musical chairs, and several other party games.

The Tea Party Favors.  We opted to use the Cottonelle Jonathan Adler designed toilet paper roll covers as the containers for our guests party favors (feather boas, beads, lotions, candy, etc).  Each parent was given Cottonelle coupons and information about the designer roll covers in a separate parent goody bag--along with a party photo of their child in the handcrafted picture frame!

It was a great day! 

Disclaimer:  “I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting, on behalf of Cottonelle, and received product samples and a promotional item to facilitate my party”

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