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We are getting ready for Easter here in A Mama's Corner of the World--and I thought I would take a few minutes to share a few of our Easter themed articles.  We have been talking about natural food dyes for Easter eggs, and recipes lately--and here are a few that you may find useful for Easter.

Is it time to skip chemical food coloring for use in dyeing Easter eggs? As health and safety concerns associated with chemical dyes surface, parents seek safer, natural alternatives to the harmful colorants for Easter egg coloring. Natural dyes are safer than commercial dyes but are not always easier for first time users. Here are a few tips and things to remember

Celebrity chefs make even the most elaborate recipes seem easily manageable. Unfortunately, sometimes once the home chef-in-training breaks out the apron, celebrity dishes just aren't quite as easy and straightforward as they seemed in the television studio. Many seek culinary inspiration from celebrity chefs during the stressful holidays for everything from side dishes to lavish desserts and the all important main dish ham. With so many celebrity chef ham recipe options to choose from--which one should you choose for the holiday meal? There are five great celebrity chef holiday ham recipes

Most commercial Easter egg coloring kits contain traditional chemical tablets of food coloring suspected of causing a number health concerns. Luckily, natural Easter egg dyes are readily available in many home kitchens. Check out these six, natural food coloring alternatives for some of the most popular Easter egg colors. 

Looking for a few Easter friendly recipes?  Check out our In the Kitchen section for some of our latest ideas.

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