Exploring Blacklick Woods Metro Park near Columbus, Ohio

Observation Deck at Blacklick Woods Metro Park's
Ashton Pond
Blacklick Woods Metro Park in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, bordering the city of Columbus, is one of the oldest parks in the Columbus Metro Park System—but, is a local favorite.  With 643 acres of well appointed space, Blacklick Woods is able to host a variety of year-round activities and opportunities for family fun.  What should you know about Central Ohio’s Blacklick Woods Metro Park before planning a visit?

Getting there—and exploring Blacklick Woods Metro Park.  Blacklick Woods Metro Park is visible from I-70—but, getting there off the interstate or off the outer-belt takes several minutes.  The actual park entrance is on Livingston Avenue and is adjacent to the Blacklick Woods Golf Course.  Be sure to take along a park map or access the facility map on a mobile device.  The park map helps locate places like Ashton Pond—or identify specific shelter houses or picnic areas. 

The Blacklick Woods Metro Park's Nature Center

Parking.  Parking lots dot the access road throughout the park.  There are parking lots near each of the two playgrounds, close to Ashton Pond and the Nature Center, and near every shelter house or picnic area.  Rangers frequently patrol the park—but, visitors are advised to lock vehicles and store any valuables out of sight.

Tadpoles in Ashton Pond at Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Activities at Blacklick Woods Metro Park.  The park boasts a number of year-around activities.  From hiking, biking, roller blading or jogging on the park’s trails to bird watching at the nature center, reading a book by Ashton Pond, attending a park sponsored nature program, enjoying a picnic or playing kickball or Frisbee in an open green space—the park offers something for every one of all ages.  The Walter A. Tucker State Nature Preserve is also located within the park's grounds. 

Scenes from the Walter A. Tucker State Nature Preserve
Pets at Blacklick Woods Metro Park.  Pets are permitted in designated areas of Blacklick Woods Metro Park—but, are not allowed on any of the park’s trails.  While a few of the Columbus Metro Parks have pet friendly hiking trails—Blacklick Woods does not.  Since it can be tough to maintain a walk-ready pooch on a parking lot or at the edge of a picnic area, pet owners may opt to leave the dogs at home for the trip.

"Dining" at Blacklick Woods Metro Park.  There is no on-site restaurant or dining facility on park grounds—however, there is lots of space for eating carried in meals on park grounds.  If packing a picnic or grilling on one of the park’s public grills is not your idea of fun—or you forgot the picnic basket--the park is located within five to ten minute of a number of restaurants and grocery stores. 
One of two playgrounds at Blacklick Woods Metro Park
Fees and park rules.  The park does not charge admission fees or parking fees—and there are no park membership requirements or anything like that.  Blacklick Woods Metro Park is a free experience.  Even the naturalist programs and park sponsored events are free and open to the public.  Some activities; however, require registration—so while planning your visit, check out Blacklick Woods Metro Park's activity calendar for interesting activities and register online if necessary.  The park has set operating hours—and the usual rules against alcohol in a public space.  Many of the park’s trails cross the access road—so watch for pedestrians while driving through the park.  Also keep an eye on children as you venture along the trails as walkers come upon some of the crosswalks unexpectedly.  

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Disclosure:  We were not compensated for this post--we just thought the featured space may interest our readers.  While our details are accurate and up to date at the time the post was published--things change.  Be sure to phone ahead or check the featured space's website for the most current and up to date information before visiting!


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