Cooking with Kids: 5 Fun Cookbooks for Kids

If you are looking for a great way to introduce your little ones to the kitchen and the fun of learning to choose and prepare meals—buy a few cookbooks for kids.  Kids are very visual—and while they love to use apps and such, I find that electronic devices, my kids and wet kitchen ingredients just do not mix well in my house.  I prefer old-fashioned paper cookbooks for them.  I also think they enjoy them more as well.  I think there is just something about holding a real book loaded with pictures and ideas that aren’t well replicated by electronics.  But—it must be a good book!  These are my 5 favorite, fun cookbooks for kids that they love too.

The Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook.
One of the girls received this book as a birthday present from a friend several years ago.  The recipes are simple and straightforward.  They are great for both boys and girls.  There are also several kitchen tips and ideas on each recipe.  There is even a section devoted to kitchen safety, meal planning and other basic kitchen skills—presented in a kid friendly format. 

Kids Cooking:  A Very Slightly Messy Manual.  I have the Bear-covered version from several years back—but, I hear there is an updated version that is just as good for the little chefs in training.  It has brightly colored photos and guides for each recipe.  It is loaded with information and kid friendly recipes and kitchen ideas.

The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook by Deanna Cook.  I am proud to admit that there are few ingredients that frighten my girls away from a recipe.  They look at unknown ingredients and “unusual” foods as adventures and grocery store treasure hunts.  Some of the recipe ingredients in this book may be a little difficult to track down in smaller grocery stores or those without ethnic food sections—but, they are kid friendly and great for exposing children to different cultures and various flavors and spices from around the world.

Pillsbury Kids Cookbook.  When I need a quick recipe for the girls or for a last minute, “Hey, mom, I need to bring XYZ to the school for XYZ”, I never think twice about grabbing a Pillsbury cookbook.  This one is loaded with quick and easy kid friendly recipes—some that even the kids can prepare on their own with little mom-involvement.  No gourmet style meals--but, lots of fun, kid friendly snacks and dishes.

For the record, I am also a sucker for the little Pillsbury recipe magazines during Halloween and the winter holidays!  There are always lots of recipes in those that are perfect for cooking with kids sessions and I love to use them as "springboards" for my own holiday creativity!

The Everything Kids Cookbook.  I have loved the “Everything” books since a friend bought me the The Everything Wedding Organizerway back when.  The Everything Kids Cookbook has several family friendly recipes and lots of pages of information and resources for kids and their co-chefs.  The pages are not as bright and colorful as the other books—and there are no pictures of finished recipe creations—but, there are many word games, fun facts and even craft recipes dotted throughout the book.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Cooking with Kids category. Our girls love being in the kitchen--so check back for new additions!

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