How to Make an Apple Tree Halloween Costume

Looking for instructions for making an apple tree costume for Halloween? My youngest daughter needed a Halloween costume for her elementary school’s fall harvest festival.  The catch? The costume had to represent a science, technology, engineering, or math theme since she attends a STEM based elementary school.

No princesses or cartoon characters.

No vampires (unless it was a vampire bat) or witches allowed.

Apple tree Halloween costume for kids at

Her kindergarten class spent weeks on an apple unit—studying the life cycle, the fruit, and a host of other curriculum topics. We decided to turn her into an apple tree for the Halloween party!

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Items needed to make an apple tree Halloween costume

How to make an apple tree costume  

Apple tree Halloween costume body at

Make the apple tree body. 

 This was the most time consuming part of the project because we opted to hand cut all of the leaves for the costume.

Make those leaves! Find a leaf pattern—we used an actual apple tree leaf and traced the initial leaf form onto plain white paper. We created our templates and began to trace and cut out hundreds of apple tree leaves. This was a great evening project for t.v. time! You could certainly buy silk flower leaves from the craft store—I just did not see the need to spend the extra money for them. Once the leaves are cut—trace the leaf veins onto both sides of each leaf. This was another great t.v. time project--and the kids had fun doing it as well!

Apple tree Halloween Costume leaf @

Create branches on the costume body. Attach long strings of brown yarn onto a green t-shirt either with dots of hot glue or loosely sewn with brown or green thread. I glued on two lengths of yarn down each arm and 4 lengths, evenly spaced, running vertically down the entire front and back of the shirt.  I opted to sew on the branches, with stitches spaced about two inches apart, so that the leaves could be tied onto the branches between the stitches for added stability—but, I could have accomplished the same things with hot glue much faster!

Apple tree Halloween costume leaves and yarn branches

Attach those leaves. Add a brown yarn stem to each leaf—I actually threaded the yarn onto a heavy needle and stitched each yarn stem onto each leaf and knotted the ends tightly—then dotted them with hot glue to secure them. Tie the leaves onto the apple tree branches in a random pattern so as to cover most of the green of the shirt.

Craft apples for apple tree Halloween costume
Tie on apples and embellish. Using brown yarn stems and hot glue, tie a bit of yarn onto each apple, secure with a dot of hot glue and tie the apples randomly around the apple tree body. Add on creative embellishments with hot glue or additional yarn.
Bird nest embellishment for apple tree Halloween costume at
The nest embellishments were my favorite!
Create an apple tree head dress.  

Attach sturdy pipe cleaners at even intervals onto a plain headband.  I attached 6 pipe cleaners, evenly spaced, along the headband. Tie on additional leaves, embellishments and apples as desired.  Keep the weight on the pipe cleaner branches somewhat light or they will droop too much.

Make the apple tree trunk. 

Apple tree Halloween costume tree trunk embellishments at
These craft store "fungi" were really cute on the "trunk"!
The brown pants will be your trunk. We attached craft store wood fungus and moss with hot glue and placed stickers up and down the pant legs.

Have fun! This costume offers a fabulous opportunity for you and your little one to use a lot of imagination in the craft store!

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  1. wow! that is a great costume!! my kids don't care much about costumes now so I don't want to spend too much time on one, but maybe some day... Thanks for linking up to the mommy-brain mixer!



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