Mama's Wordless Wednesday Link-Up Week #2: Sleepytime

After five people braving nearly 7 days of the flu in this corner of the world--I am a little behind, a little worn out, and A LOT ready to get the last little one healthy and back to school tomorrow!  Thank you to everyone who linked in for our first Wordless Wednesday--the plague hit that afternoon and, 30 loads of laundry later, I am finally (almost) getting my act back together and I'll be stopping by to say hi to everyone today! 

Since I would love to sleep today...I can dream, right...I thought I would focus my Wordless Wednesday Link-Up #2 shots on sleep.  Link-Up--this hop will be open through Sunday this week and, barring disasters and mayhem, I should do a much better job of getting out and about to say hi!!!


Gina typically sleeps with one eye open--just in case she needs to bash the dog.

We randomly pick up and shake Fluff to see if he's still alive.

Frito was once a tiny little kitten that slept on his dog everyday.
So cute and cuddly....

Frito grew......

His dog didn't.....

Sleepy yet?
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  1. Just wanted to stop by to let you know that we've nominated your blog for The Liebster award! You can check out the details here:

  2. Hi it's Vickilicious from I just linked my Wordless Wednesday but made a mistake. It's not about sleep, quite the opposite I'd say. So sorry!!!

  3. First off I hope everyone is well soon at your place. There is no fun in a household full of sick people. Next these pics are so funny and WOW! Are all of these pets yours? Tripping over kids is one thing, but five pets sure does add more complication in one family, I bet. lol Now following. Thanks for the visit!

    Sunset at Fort Loudon Lake

  4. Hey returning the visit. I've never done a wordless link up; neat idea. Cute pics of your fur babies!

  5. Cute pictures!! I'm following you back from the hopping hop. with joys

  6. hope everyone is better!! wow..that is the pits when the whole house is sick!!

  7. Hey! I added my link to your WW linky on Wednesday and I love that you came and added your link to Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop!

    ♥ Your Newest Follower ;)



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