Green Living: Method hand and dish soap dispenser made from recycled ocean plastics

Have you seen the new Method hand and dish soap dispenser made from recycled ocean plastic? I have used Method home cleaning products frequently over the years—but, had missed the blue-grey dispenser launched a few weeks ago. When I received a bottle of the hand and dish soap to try, the green mom in me was immediately pleased. The lovely blue-grey bottle is not simplycolor trend.  It is the result of a recycling effort by the folks at Method to help clean up recyclable, plastic ocean debris--and show consumers and remind other manufacturers that even small conservation efforts have tremendous value. Why should you take a second look at the new Method Dish and Hand Soap?

Soap makers get a lot of environmental flack—but Method is different. What is in that hand soap on your kitchen counter? Well, if you are like me—you know the ingredients and approve of them--or that soap does not grace your counter. Of course, I was an environmental engineering consultant in my “life before kids”—so I may be a bit more MSDS conscious than some.   I use Method because they make it easy for me to make informed product decisions--even without a chemistry degree.  They clearly list all of their product ingredients—and offer me the freedom to determine if their products are right for me. 

What about those plastic soap dispensing containers? We seem to live in theplastic age”—and, plastic product dispensers are everywhere--like it or not. When Method joined forces with Envision Plastics in creating the first sustainable soap dispenser from plastic, Pacific Ocean waste—they made a wonderful green step. They show the world what can be done with our on-hand resources to meet the world's demand for plastic convenience.   

Why ocean plastic recycling?  Method and Envision reminded me of issues that my current Midwestern-mom-status allowed me to turn a blind eye to:  our oceans are a dumping ground. I think many of us falsely assume that our oceans are clean and void of human contamination.

Don't we catch our messes locally



Method and Envision Plastics show the greener side of manufacturing—and I hope that their innovative spirits spread. Where can you find Method cleaning products? Method products are available online or locally from Whole FoodStores and other national retailers like Target and Lowe's.

Disclaimer:  I was provided a complimentary bottle of Method Dish and Hand Soap in a  dispenser made from recycled ocean plastics.  As always, my opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brand featured here.  I share products that I personally use and believe in.

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  1. I saw these at the store the other day. I wasn't there for soap but will definitely get these when I need it again. I try to be as green as possible. Sometimes I do not do so well though.
    New follower from 1,000+ follows on Bloggy Moms. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts and exploring your blog :)



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