Mama's Wordless Wednesday Link-Up #9: Beauty

When I was putting together ideas for Wordless Wednesday, my 6-year old was drawing on the dry erase board by my desk. After the heartbreaking events of the past week--I was at a loss for words and meaningful post ideas (that's why it's been so quiet here in our corner of the world).

Then, she showed me her latest work of art--and it was exactly what I needed:  it didn't need words or explanation.

Madelyn's Rose

Simple beauty--from the heart of a child. No words needed--although she did sign her work with her M on the rose.

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  1. You have brought tears to my eyes. Your baby's picture is too precious. It reminds me of the innocence of our children and how dear they are. Thank you so much for sharing her picture with your readers. xoxo

  2. Here from Bloggy moms :) Your picture is so sweet

  3. Perfect sentiments.



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