Mama's Wordless Wednesday #11 Link-Up: Three Gifts

Last week, I was challenged to skip the list of New Year's Resolutions and choose, instead, a word of the year to work toward in the various areas needing improvement in my life.  I chose Purpose as my word of the year.  For this week's Wordless Wednesday Link-Up--I wanted to share a gift that I was given by my mother and father-in-law this past Christmas.  

The Three Gift Boxes

Why three gift boxes?  

My sister in law received two boxes.  My mother-in-law bought four for herself.  

Why three?

The gift boxes represented three gifts that I already have:  my three daughters.  

And I think I'll keep those three gift boxes on display all year to remind me of one of my greatest purposes in life.

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  1. Children really are the best gift!

  2. What a wonderful post & a way to remember!

  3. What lovely smiles heheh!

    Thanks for stopping by have a fantabulosa weekend ;-)

  4. Aw. So sweet!

    Thanks for joining us at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers! Looking forward to seeing what you post next week.

  5. Lovely post! Thanks for linking up, I've done the same.



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