My Word for 2013: Purpose

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If you are wondering why I didn't post an update on last year's resolutions--and offer up a new set of New Year's resolutions for 2013--it's because I've decided not to make a list of resolutions or dwell on the lists of past years' failed resolutions. This doesn't mean that I am not going to seek improvements in my life this year--it just means that I'm approaching things differently. This morning, I was challenged by The Inspiring Moms Network to develop a "word of the year" for me to focus my energies and efforts on improving or changing this year. My word for 2013 is PURPOSE.

Why did I choose the word PURPOSE to define (and refine) my 2013? Have you ever felt a little lost? Like you were wandering around aimlessly (or meaninglessly) from day to day? Once upon a time I had a career, a daughter, a husband--and my roles and expectations, while sometimes overwhelming, were defined. I had daily purposes. Ten years ago, I chose to leave my job as an engineering consultant to become a stay at home mom--and within a few years, we had three daughters instead of one. Over the years, I lost my feeling of purpose. I had a lot of jobs and neverending to-do lists--but, the purpose was no longer easy to define. 

What would happen if I began to see the purpose of the many things in my life again? Tasks would again have meaning. While I won't likely earn promotions or awards--at least if I feel that days and activities have real purpose behind them--I will have a sense of accomplishment. A sense of self respect. A realization that my days and efforts are not wasted or diminished.

What would regaining purpose do for my life? Perhaps I would be more confident in my life roles. Perhaps a sense of accomplishment may actually lead me to even accomplish more with my days. Perhaps I could find peace in spending time enjoying my families and making memories if I was able to label that activity with purpose and meaning. My word for 2013 is Purpose.

What is your word for the new year? If you are having trouble choosing one word--like I did--you simply must check out the Word of the Year Discovery Tool from Christine Kane.  Do take the time to complete the worksheet--you may discover--as I did--that your one word changes as you work through the questions and make some self discoveries.

Enjoy 2013--and good luck with your resolutions or your chosen word of the year!

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  1. Purpose is a great word. I hope you'll post more in the future about how focusing on your purpose has made different changes in your life. The word that jumped out to me was creativity. :) Thanks for this link and good luck to you!



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