Private Selection Stuffed Olive, Pasta Sauce, Coffee, Deli Cheese, and Cracker Review

I am a fairly dedicated Kroger shopper--so much so that a few of the cashiers know the next upcoming recipe on my blog around the same time I do!  While I shop for brand name sale items at a number of local stores--I buy a lot of Kroger store brand items and offerings from the chain’s gourmet food line, Private Selection.  I was first introduced to the Private Selection brand last Christmas and explored a variety of Private Selection appetizers, pizzas, and desserts for our annual New Year’s Eve party.  This year, I had the opportunity to check out a few more of the brand’s offerings:  Private Selection Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives, Water Crackers, Private Selection Pasta Sauce, Private Selection Sliced Cheese and the Private Selection Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee.  How did these Private Selection gourmet foods stand up to our review?

Private Selection products are available in several varieties.  We chose Bleu Cheese stuffed olives--but, could have opted for jalapeno or garlic stuffed olives as well.  We chose a Blue Marbled sliced cheese, and a Arrabiatta spicy marinara sauce from the available pasta sauce options.  I was surprised by the variety available--there was a range to suit different tastes.

How did the Private Selection line of gourmet foods taste?  The water crackers were a wonderful hit with flavorful cheese balls during the holiday.  We also enjoyed them as bases for spicy crab meat appetizers and Buffalo style dips.  The blue cheese stuffed olives were best served chilled.  Their unique flavor became quite a conversation starter on the New Year’s Eve buffet.  The blue marbled cheese also packed a lot of flavor and complemented shaved turkey, ham and roast beef equally well on mini-sandwiches.  The pasta sauce offered a nice, fresh flavor that we enjoyed alone over cooked pasta as well as in our recipes, like spinach lasagna roll ups with tofu marinara.  I was not; however, a fan of the  Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee--I was expecting something stronger and more flavorful and found it a little disappointing.  It was better than most store brand coffees--but, not comparable to my other favorite brand name coffee brands.

How are Private Selection product prices?  Private Selection products are pricey for store brands--but, to put their price into perspective--their ingredient lists and product offerings are not generally available as store brand options.  I will admit--I wouldn’t pay $3-$4 dollars for store brand stuffed olives unless the quality rivals brand name products.  For most of the Private Selection items we sampled, the ingredients and quality earned the price tags.

Would we buy these Private Selection products again?  I would definitely buy Private Selection products again--especially the cheese and stuffed olives.  They offer quality comparable to brand named items at a slightly lower cost.  The product line is a great way to incorporate creative, gourmet foods into last minute parties and food centered gatherings.  Most of the products are conveniently ready to serve or simple to prepare.  We enjoy Private Selection gourmet foods and would encourage you to give them a try.

To learn more about the Private Selection line of products available from the Kroger family of stores, visit the Private Selection website.

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary samples or discount coupons for the Private Selection items reviewed here through my activities as a BzzAgent.  As always, all opinions are my own and are not influenced by items received or brands reviewed.

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