Book Review: Unglued Devotional 60 Days of Imperfect Progress by Lysa TerKeurst

With three busy kids, four cats, a crazy dog, an overworked husband, two home businesses, and a never ending to-do list, I can honestly admit that the word “unglued” has entered my vocabulary more than a time or two over the years.  While I try to minimize, my “unglued” moments--I’m not always a shining example of patient, loving parenting.  I’ve mentioned before that I get sucked into book titles and I just had to read and review Unglued Devotional:  60 Days of Imperfect Progress by Lysa TerKeurst!

Quick summary of Unglued Devotional:  60 Days of Imperfect Progress by Lysa TerKeurst.  This book is actually a companion devotional to TerKeurst’s bestseller, Unglued.  The author guides readers through 60 days devoted to coping and handling the raw emotions that cause many modern women to come “unglued” at some level.  Each day includes a daily scripture, thought for the day, devotion and a closing prayer to help us process life’s less than perfect moments.

The Unglued Devotional is a well written, easy to read, encouraging book.  Whether reading this as a companion or as a stand alone book, I think this book fills a purpose for readers.  I actually read the book in short, daily bursts each afternoon while waiting for my daughters after school.  The book does not flow from start to finish--but, meanders through the author’s real life where she shares daily experiences that tested her resolve and “glue strength”.  I enjoyed the fact that I could pick up the book daily or after a few days and simply enter a new moment--and consider the author’s advice and prayers--without maintaining a story line.  My own life meanders--and the events that may test my strength and “glue” vary widely from day to day!

Unglued Devotional:  60 Days of Imperfect Progress helps readers refocus--daily.  TerKeurst reminds us of appreciation and gratitude repeatedly.  TerKeurst notes that her life is not all that bad--even when less than perfect events move in and test her. This devotional helps readers refocus on the bigger picture--and remember to appreciate the things we have and avoid the pitfalls of trivial little ups and downs.

Final thoughts on Unglued Devotional:  60 Days of Imperfect Progress by Lysa TerKeurst.  I came to appreciate my daily readings of this book--and I do think it helped me better understand and accept my raw emotions and focus on better management of those emotions.  Like the author, I’m not likely to remain perfectly glued daily--but, I do think that the book helped me accept my own "imperfect progress".  If you seek ways to “strengthen” your own emotional “glue”--add this book for your routine for several weeks.  Sometimes just a few minutes of positive thinking does wonders for "glue" strength!

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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in this review.  I was not asked to provide a positive review--just an honest one!

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