Mama's Wordless Wednesday Link-Up #16: Warm & Fuzzy

How is the weather in your corner of the world today?  While I am certainly ready for Spring--Mother Nature is showing me that she has other ideas!  It is SO cold outside this morning!  I thought I would share a few warm, fuzzy shots of Max the Dog, and Frito, Lea and Fluffy D'Tail.  They may not warm me up--but they always make me smile!  Don't forget to link up your own Wordless Wednesday posts!  We love to visit--and it's a great way to make new blog pals!

Frito and Lea--constant cuddlers--especially on a chilly morning!

Frito and Lea Sun Bathing

Mr. Maxi...snuggled in bed.

Mr. Maxi....can't do a thing with those ears...

Sir Fluffy D'Tail--The fluff rolled...and unrolled.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. Sweet pets!! We adopted a new cat recently and are still trying to get our two cranky girls to get along!

  2. Such sweet pictures of your fur babies. Inviting you to link up at my WW Linky and feel free to add your WW badge to my Linky Parties page under Wordless Wednesday. ;)

    Diana from NannyToMommy

  3. I love animals. We have 7 dogs and if I had my way we would have cats too but the husband is allergic. Your animals are loved and cared for! Blessings to you from

    NanaHood is the second half of the motherhood journey

  4. What adorable fur-babies you have! :)

    Thank you for visiting me! I hope you're having a wonderful WW!

  5. Everybody's sleeping away the day...rise & shine, up & at 'em! lol

  6. sweet shots, lovely animal friends!
    Have a great day.

    Thank you for visiting us at our WWHop

  7. Happy Wednesday! Thanks for the linky!

  8. Awww!! I totally want to cuddle with them. So cute!

  9. Great pics. of your pets! They look so cozy. Thank you for hosting and visiting! :)

  10. So sweet. I know it's cold out when I wake up to all the cats on the bed with me.

  11. So sweet! Pets are the best :)

    Thanks for linking up with Good Girl Gone Wife!

  12. Thanks for the party, have a great weekend!

  13. Those blue cat eyes are amazing!

  14. Aw, you have so much fluffy love around!



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