Kroger Simple Truth Product Line Review

I always joke that I visit my local Kroger store so often that the usual A.M. cashier knows my next recipe before my blog does--and that’s not really so much of a joke. When I need a random ingredient, I find that the quality of Kroger brand products fits both my recipes and my blog budget and I rarely leave the store empty-handed. I almost always find a lower cost, Kroger store brand for any ingredient on my random, even sometimes kooky, list. When I learned that Kroger introduced its Simple Truth line, a product line that centers on organic, natural and “free from 101” preservatives and ingredients that many of us seek to avoid--I was excited to try the store’s offerings. What did we think of Kroger’s Simple Truth products?  

Kroger’s Simple Truth Product Line is literally storewide. It was amazing to me that the line encompasses everything from flavored water to snack chips, tofu, frozen foods, canned veggies and almond milk. I am a frequent Kroger shopper--and there is literally a Simple Truth item in most of the aisles that I visit. I think it’s wonderful that the store is offering health conscious products at brand name comparable, store brand prices.  

What Kroger Simple Truth items did we try? I sampled a bottle of Simple Truth soda and I was also able to purchase a bag of Simple Truth frozen fruit, a bag of Simple Truth veggie chips, and a carton of Simple Truth almond milk. I also purchased a block of Simple Truth tofu as well.  

What did we think of the Kroger Simple Truth products that we sampled?  

Simple Truth Sodas are tasty--but, not generally on our menu. The Blackberry Pomegranate Simple Truth Soda was probably my least favorite from the samples that I tried--not by the fault of Simple Truth--but, simply because flavored sodas are not my family’s drink of choice. My teen daughter liked it the most--but, it wasn't a product that I think she would "seek out" when in the store for a drink.  

The Simple Truth Veggie Chips review was a hit. In one bag of Natural Exotic Vegetable Chips, every family member found a favorite veggie chip--and, everyone agreed (even the younger 7 and 9 year old) that we should buy them again.  

Our Simple Truth Frozen Fruit review was also a hit. I bought an organic berry medley for use over waffles. They cooked well in my mixed berry sauce and the family enjoyed them--so much so that I didn’t snap any photos!  

Simple Truth Almond Milk met mixed reviews. I purchased the chocolate almond milk. It was not a huge hit with the kids when served plain--but, saw success when used in smoothies and dessert recipes. The husband, however, loved it as a chocolate milk alternative.  The Chocolate Almond milk also disappeared before photos were taken--twice.

Simple Truth Tofu was already a Meatless Monday regular. I use Simple Truth tofu often in my Meatless Monday recipes! I do not believe that it is GMO free (for my readers who try to avoid GMO’s). I’m not certain of this, but since it’s not labeled as such, I’m doubtful that it is. I generally use “firm” or “extra firm” tofu and Simple Truth is a frequent ingredient in my last minute, cheesy, stuffed shells or a late night...hmm..."I wonder if I can use tofu in that" idea!

 Final thoughts on Kroger’s Simple Truth product line? I will definitely purchase the items that I’ve sampled again (with the exception of the soda). I will also try the Simple Truth alternatives as I discover them throughout the store. I would like to see a GMO free line in the future--but, I think many of us are looking for those from popular brand name companies as well!.

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Disclosure: I received free or discounted product samples from BzzAgent  for use in this review. As always, my opinions are my own and are not influenced by coupons, discounts or brands. If I like it--I say so.  If I don't have anything nice to say, I say nothing at all and you never see a review--or I say something not so nice. 

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  1. I have to say, I'm a Kroger girl myself!
    I will have to tell my mom about these -- she has developed a severe allergy to a lot of additives in food products lately...

    The chips are on my list of things to try!

  2. I haven't tried the Simple Truth line but it sounds good!

    I'm visiting from Fun Friday. :)

  3. According to the USDA, products labeled as USDA certified organic can not contain GMO's. The Simple Truth organic line items fall into this category, so they do not contain GMO's. YAY!



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