Book Review: Evil on the Peace River by Beverly Lein

What did we read this week here in our little corner of the world?  I have spent the last couple of evenings with a thriller titled Evil on the Peace River, from author Beverly Lein.  While it seems like Lein’s murderous tale may be a drastic change from many of the books that we review here--the genre is one of my longtime favorites.  What did I think of Evil on the Peace River by Beverly Lein?

A brief summary of Evil on the Peace River.  Two men, with dark, troubled pasts, wreak havoc on a quiet community near the tranquil Peace River.  When the main character, Jane, embarked on a wilderness journey in the days after the men began their evil rampage, she could not have imagined the story that would unfold. 

Lein keeps readers moving through Evil on the Peace River.  The book’s action begins on the very first page and continues through to the very end.  The author offers just enough character and setting details without slowing down the pace of her action packed pages.  Readers meet many characters in the pages of Lein’s book--but, the writing style keeps everyone nicely organized.  Although you will move through the scenes quickly, the book is written well, allowing little opportunity for confusion.

Unexpected heroes appear throughout the book.  Throughout Evil on the Peace River, Lein pushes ordinary people and animals to heroic heights.  Books with unexpected heroes and “underdogs” are some of my favorite.

Evil on the Peace River is predictable--and that is okay.  Have you ever watched a horror movie where you know that the victim just should not do something?  Or you know who is going to save the day at a certain moment?  There are several of those moments in this book--but, I think that’s what made it so much fun to read.  Even if I was fairly certain of an outcome, I had to see it unfold on the pages of the book.    

Final thoughts on Evil on the Peace River?  I liked it.  It was a quick and easy book to read that didn’t have a lot of in depth plot twists or unanswered questions.  This is Lein’s first book in the thriller genre--and I do hope it is not her last. 

If you would like to learn more about Beverly Lein and Evil on the Peace River:

Visit her author Website | Like Beverly Lein on Facebook 

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  I was not asked to provide a positive review, just an honest opinion.  

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