Wordless Wednesday Link-Up: It's Spring

According to the calendar, it is the first day of Spring!  Although Mother Nature is sending some mixed signals today in our corner of the world (it's sunny--but, about 40 degrees)--it's still Spring!  I thought I would share some photos from past Spring seasons on this cold, sunny, Wordless Wednesday!

Painted Lady Butterflies
The girls raise a few Painted Lady Butterflies every Spring--and release them once the weather warms a little.

The Annual Easter Bunny Cake
 This has become as much of a tradition over the years as coloring Easter eggs!  Unfortunately, our decorating skills haven't improved much since this one five years ago!

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail Gift "Cake" for Dogs
Spring brings lots of new puppies and kittens--this was one of the puppy shower "cakes" that I made for a new puppy last Spring. 

Spring Soccer
I spent too many Springs to count on muddy soccer fields over the years! I miss it now that the two younger girls have dumped soccer for Irish Dance and tennis.

Next week, we'll be off on Spring Break--but, for the most part, our Spring will include the things above at some point! Enjoy your First Day of Spring--and don't forget to link up your latest Wordless Wednesday Posts!

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  1. Love the soccer pic. We've got about 9" of snow on the ground here. I hope spring weather comes soon!

  2. Such a pretty butterfly! And I'm giggling over how cute that bunny cake is. ;) Love the soccer ball shot - I'm looking forward to all things spring soon! :)

    Psycho Mother Nature

  3. Happy Wordless!
    visit from WW.
    Would be nice if you can visit and link up my WW blog hop.
    Have a great day.

  4. I can't wait for spring weather. Hopefully as soon as this snow melts it'll warm up!

    Happy WW :)

  5. Like you, I am anxiously awaiting spring. Your photos are a lovely essence of spring!

  6. We just received more than 20cm of snow so I am living vicariously through your spring images!

  7. Oh, dear, a faraway memory just surfaced because I made a bunny cake for a birthday long ago but it didn't turn out as cute as yours!

  8. Raising butterflies sounds so fun!

    Thanks for linking up with Good Girl Gone Wife!

  9. Lovely photos. Something that you don't need words to describe or explain. Wordless.

  10. I'll take the cake. :)



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