Grass Update: Fall Lawn Reseeding Before and After

Today, G is for Grass--both as my entry in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and on the homefront.  It's Spring (some days) in Ohio and as flowers pop up and our lawns become a little more green, we continue to battle our lawn issues.  Back in the fall, I posted details on our latest attempt to rid our front lawn of the dead, worn out patches of brown by reseeding the lawn in the fall.  I thought I would share an update today--with photos of the progress and the change it made!  Did it improve our lawn?

Back in the fall--our front lawn was a prime candidate for strolling lawn company salesmen (in fact, that's the primary reason I no longer answer my doorbell during the day!)

Our once sunny lawn had overgrown with three twenty year old trees.  There was little sunlight.  The soil was worn out, the grass was dead to nonexistent and we had waged war with grub worms for a few seasons.  We had tried reseeding in the spring (for three seasons) with no luck.  This year, we were down to one tree (the 2nd tree actually fell on the house) and it was time to try our hand at fall reseeding.

We (well, the husband) aerated the lawn, covered it with nutrient rich soil and dropped the grass seed.  We didn't cover it with straw like neighbors around us--and expected that would be our downfall.

 We watered (I did help with that) and waited.

And--within several days, tiny blades of grass emerged.

Then...after months of hiding out beneath snow--this is the scene in the front yard.

We still have some patches in to repair--but, I think we may just wait until fall and see if we have as much success!

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