Nectresse Natural No Calorie Sweetener Review

One of the latest “’natural no calorie sweetener” products to hit the market is Nectresse—from the makers of Splenda.    I received a package of Nectresse in a recent Influenster VoxBox for review.  Another all natural sweetener?  For those seeking to cut out some of the extra calories of sugar—but, still need a touch of sweetness to certain foods and drinks, reduced calorie sweeteners have appeal.  How did Nectresse stand up to review?  We will take a look at Nectresse as our letter N entry in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Is Nectresse really 100% natural?  The term “natural” is not as easily defined as it should be!  25 years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes.  The dietitian prescribed a brand of “artificial sweetener” for use in his coffee and on his morning cereal. It was believed to be healthier for him than processed sugar.  Later, researchers began to link “artificial” sweeteners to illnesses and diseases.  Now, sweeteners strive to be “natural” to gain consumer interest.   According to the manufacturer,  Nectresse is made from “monk fruit extract, a touch of sugar, erythritol (an all natural sugar alcohol) and molasses.   Many of these “natural” ingredients are frequently obtained from produce that has been genetically or biomechanically modified—but, since the term “natural” currently permits the inclusion of such ingredients, the product can claim that it comes from “natural” ingredients.  Since the makers of Nectresse have not placed a “non-GMO” label on the product, it may not be as “natural” as some consumers prefer--or expect.

Nectresse offers the same benefits of other similar sweeteners.  It is a zero calorie product.  It is offered in packets or bulk containers for easy measuring—and the product packaging offers easy conversion tables for substituting sugar with Nectresse.

How does Nectresse taste?  Some sugar alternatives are too sweet or have a strange aftertaste.  I sampled Nectresse in recipes and tea and found it to be a suitable alternative to other similar sweeteners.  I found the conversion amounts worked well for baking and recipe substitutions.

Would I recommend Nectresse?  If a zero calorie sugar alternative is what you seek—I think Nectresse offers an acceptable option that does not affect or drastically alter the taste of a recipe or drink.  If you are seeking a non-GMO containing, “natural” product in a total sense, you may need to look a little further or research the product ingredients more closely by verifying ingredient sourcing with the manufacturer directly.

Disclaimer:  I received a free package of Nectresse from Influenster to sample and review.  My opinions are my own.  We believe our details on the product ingredients to be accurate at this writing.  This product composition may change.  We encourage you to check with the manufacturer directly for the most up to date product/ingredient information.

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