Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Flashback

Is it me--or is high school graduation coming way too fast and becoming way to real all of a sudden?  My oldest daughter is 18 and is set to graduate from high school and pursue an art career in a little over a month.  Where did 18 years go?  I thought I'd show a few flashbacks in time from 15- 18 years ago for today's Wordless Wednesday post...don't forget to link up your latest posts at the end!  We can't wait to see what left you speechless this week!

 So bald! 

 Bear the dog was actually my first baby--and he took care of my second baby well for 15 years...

Bibs, baseball caps and tennis shoes....something of a tomboy for a long time...

Photo:  Kim Raney Photography 
Not so much of a tomboy today...

I'm not sad that she's all grown up.  Okay--maybe I am.  It happened too fast.  It did.  

Babies should come with a warning label:  Time moves ten times faster the second you become a parent.

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  1. I know!! It seems like only yesterday when they were just babies!

    Your daughter is gorgeous!

  2. It's amazing how fast they grow up.

  3. They grow up and then you get GRANDkids....they are great too!

    Teresa from

  4. My oldest is about to graduate grade 8 and I swear to you I don't know where the time has gone!

  5. She was beautiful then and is beautiful now too. :)



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