Book Review: Ripple by E. L. Farris

Long ago, I read only true crime novels and psychological thrillers.   When I read the description for Ripple by E. L. Farris, I was drawn in by it and decided to revisit the genre.  How did Ripple stand up to review here in our little corner of the world?

Ripple offers a dose of realistic fiction.  One of the primary reasons that I turned away from psychological thrillers and darker novels was that they were not very realistic.  This was not the case with Ripple.  E. L. Farris built realistic characters, suffering through, unfortunately, realistic plights--and surviving realistically.  There are uncomfortable scenes in the book--and those scenes are necessary to keep the book in the real world.

Ripple characters are well developed--and, again, realistic.  As Farris develops the characters, she shows readers how well she knows them.  There is an in-depth development that could only come from real world experiences, relationships and struggles.  Farris captures and relates to an all too common situation with truth and honesty--not sugar coated fairy tale passages. 
Ripple is a story of hope and redemption.  “Hope and redemption” isn’t just a tagline--it’s the storyline.  Readers always want happy endings--and while we see a bit of resolution by the end of the book, Farris reminds us that the story is more one of hope and continued survival for the characters’ futures.  As a mother, it’s difficult to accept that I cannot guarantee my child’s safety--but, I can be there through necessary healing. Ripple realistically notes that healing is ongoing--and each day brings a new challenge or reward.

Would I recommend Ripple by E. L. Farris?  I certainly would recommend Ripple.  The book is not a happy one--it addresses the painful subjects of child sexual abuse and is dotted with pain, violence and guilt.  There are scenes that are not easy to read.  Having said that--if you seek a realistic, psychological thriller with a realistic ending that is well written and well developed--Ripple is a must read. 

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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book for this review.  All opinions are my own.

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