Revolt Fitness Week 5 Recap: End of the School Year Meets Diet Plan

We are nearing the end of the school year for our three girls--one daughter is a high school senior, another daughter is graduating 4th grade--and we have been extremely overscheduled for four weeks now. This is the way that most of my diet and exercise plans head out the window and I fall into the “I’ll get back on track tomorrow” bandwagon….that continues to slide off the track. I'm a Revolt blogger, but, was I able to keep up with the plan during this hectic time? Check out our Week 5 Recap as we review the Revolt Fitness plan.

Planning is key to weight loss success--especially during chaos. I’m a planner--and without a plan, I falter BADLY. I’ve said it before--but, I love that every detail in both my workout plan and my menu is spelled out for me each week with Revolt Fitness. When I’m too busy to plan/measure and calculate healthy meals and select exercises (like during the past month)--I have the hard part prepared for me with Revolt. Without my printouts and workout videos from Revolt, I would have skipped the exercises with my “too busy” excuses and I would have succumbed to pizza and takeout more than once over the past two weeks especially!

Chaos disrupts meal/exercise schedules. Last week wasn’t perfect. We had a number of late dinners this week--in the 9 pm time frame--and I was so busy during the day that I simply forgot an afternoon meal a couple of times. We had to change our workout time from early morning to late evening--and even workout in the hotel and my husband’s office gym to keep on track as our days seem to keep us away from home! I would say, however, that we were able to follow the plan 90 percent of the time without skipping exercises or skipping or changing meals.

Revolt gave us the tools--and our buddy system gave us the motivation. This week, especially, it was vital for me to have my husband as a weight loss partner. Even with everything spelled out wonderfully in the weight loss plans--sometimes you need a cheerleader (or a nagging push or two) to keep the motivation going. My husband is great about pushing me to exercise when I see nothing but a mile-long to-do list and would have bumped my own diet/exercise to page 98! No matter what diet and exercise plan you do, I think you need a support system!

Okay--how are the results after five weeks on the Revolt Fitness plan? The husband has lost a little over 19 ½ pounds--and I’m down exactly 8 pounds. I’m not down a full size yet--but, my clothing is certainly fitting better and, last week, I was able to wear a pair of jeans (comfortably) for my daughter’s field trip that I hadn’t worn in a long time! The scale doesn’t tell the whole weight loss story. We are more active, we have more energy, we are stronger, and we feel healthier just in the few weeks we’ve participated in the plan.

Are you ready to start your own personal Revolt? I know that support is so important for weight loss--if you join Revolt--let me know! I would love to form a team of readers to support each other and track progress--maybe even earn some prizes and incentives along the way!

Disclosure:  I am a Revolt Fitness Blogger.  I have been offered complimentary access to the menus/videos and weight loss tools available to paid subscribers to facilitate a 12 week review of the program.  All opinions are my own--and my results are true and accurate!

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