Children's Book Review: Waking the World by Doug Routledge

I think everyone should set goals, have dreams--should want to make the world a better place.   When I first read a summary for Waking the World by Doug Routledge, it seemed that this book would be the perfect fit to incorporate into a goal setting/goal reaching summer theme for my two young daughters.  What did the girls and I think of Waking the World by Doug Routledge?

Overview of Waking the World.  According to the book’s official summary:  This is the Story of the Night a Little Cricket Woke the World.  In actuality, it is the story of a cricket, Rickety Bitick Cricket, with a big dream - he dreams to be the loudest chirping cricket ever--and to wake the entire world.  Does Rickety wake the world?  This story reminds readers of the impact of even small contributions to larger goals--and that big results can come from even the smallest contributors.

Waking the World is well written and wonderfully illustrated.   The world looks so big when viewed from a small body--or even from a small town.  Routledge does a wonderful job illustrating, both literally and in his pictures, that size is irrelevant--when concerning goals and dreams.

Waking the World is a great goal setting conversation starter.  Sometimes change seems impossible.  Sometimes it seems that one person is powerless against a big world.  Waking the World combines two small creatures--a cricket and a young boy--with big dreams to show that every voice (or chirp) plays a role in the bigger picture of life.  Someone just needs to get their own goals and dreams rolling!  You never know who or what your own, individual efforts will inspire.

Would I recommend Waking the World?  Yes, --I think this is a great book for those of us working with preschool and elementary age groups.  Waking the World is a motivational, thought provoking children’s book--but, like any book that holds a lesson, adults and older children can also learn a little something from it.  It is an inspiring story that I think families will enjoy incorporating into personal goal setting and dream building activities--and it is a cute, positive bedtime story too.

About the Author: To learn more about the Doug Routledge and his book Waking the World, visit his website or connect with him on Twitter.

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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for use in this review.  As always, my opinions are my own.

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